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  • Great app, I m going to use in our newly established hospital.

  • Very good and professionnal application.

  • where is the code for this project?

  • tons of tons of feature, and it works well, i really appreciate this project. thanks. hope new version are coming up,still better. cheers openclinic !!!

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  • Excellent and ambitious project

  • Really practical and easy to use software. Loaded with tons of features that are however not always well documented.

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  • Great project with easy to use interface. Please let me know if I can help with documentation?

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  • Bookmarked !

  • Installed sucessfully and is running on tomcat, but I'm unable to build the needed databases/tables, thus can't do anything with it. Can't find help anywhere!

  • Cannot login. can i have the username and password to review?

  • Thanks for good program!

  • I am using ubuntu 12.04 . I install the binary , I assume it works. but how do I run it? I can't seem to access anything . please help. thank you

  • Great work !!

  • nice software, but I can't find sql import file for develop src.

  • Nice software system. Very well adapted to the African context. I guess there must be many more features hidden in it that have not been described in the limited manual?

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  • Woow, this really is a great project. The 64-bits setup installed flawlessly and in no time we had a group of 18 Spanish and English speaking users configured and using the software. More extensive manuals are needed however to fully exploit the software's capabilities. Please let me know how I can contribute to that part. Jeremy

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  • Hello, I am Brazilian and work with one of princiapais hospital management systems. I'm a programmer and would like to help in system programming Hospital Open. How do I do? Thank you.

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  • Can you please give me the User name & Password, then i can review . . . .

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  • Listed features of the app are great, I wish to do an evaluation of the system in linux environment but the download page shows a windows setup, I managed to download the source code from the reps but I do not see where I could get the database setup scripts. I also have downloaded the windows version but the Districts data seem to be of Rwanda, how can I change those basic setups, thanks

  • the application is well done...

  • Thx

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  • Ooh! Great project...Good one...thx

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  • current build is not working properly. Its throws some database related error.

  • Application looks interesting, but current built is not well setup for a more complete evaluation. Application installation is easy but, a more complete initial database data is needed.