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The folder structure is: OleDbCmd Binary : Binary Releases in .ZIP Format OleDbCmd Source : Source Code in .ZIP Format ***************************************************************************** Old source code can be obtained from the repository, but new source will not be uploaded until I have time to convert the repository from CVS to SVN. ***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** WARNING: If you build the application under Windows 7 it may not work on pre-Windows 7 operating systems. See for details. ***************************************************************************** Change Log ---------- When Who What ======= === ======================================================== 21Mar04 OD Release 0.9 - basic functionality. 19Jul06 IMH Release 1.0 - enhanced functionality 03Aug06 IMH Release 1.1 - Bug fix - trim command lines. 20Mar07 IMH Release 1.2 - Made multi-target - .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 compatible using SharpDevelop 2.1 See for details. 15Aug07 IMH Release 1.3 - Added extendedSQL flag to allow VIEW and PROCEDURE support. Added binary data extraction facility, eg extract photos. Added ODBC switch. 31Aug07 IMH Added ALTER PROPERTYOFTABLE feature Remove trailing delimiters for TSV and CSV outputs. 13Sep07 IMH Added CREATE/ALTER/DROP LINKEDTABLE feature. 19Sep07 IMH Added emitEmpty flag. 20Sep07 IMH Release 1.4 Release completed. 26Oct07 IMH Added delim parameter a feature and added IF EXISTS details to the usage notes. 27Nov07 IMH Fixed handling of trailing ; in /cmd= format - now optional. 29Nov07 IMH Fixed handling of column and property names in extended SQL now can be surrounded by [] if required. Also fixed documentation. 12Feb08 IMH Add update from file extended SQL. 16Mar08 IMH Release 1.5 Release completed. 3Aug09 IMH Release 1.6 Refactored code to move common code to functions. Added SHOW (TABLES|VIEWS|PROCEDURES) to extended SQL. IF EXISTS condition can now be applied to DROP TABLE and DROP VIEW. 7Aug09 IMH Added XML format options 14Aug09 IMH Release 1.7 Added SHOW LINKEDTABLES option. 10Sep09 IMH Release 1.8 Use assMe.GetName().Name rather than hard coded assembly name. Also changed build properties to target x86 32bit platform. 22Dec11 IMH Release 2.0 Migrated to VS 2010. Fixed bug in ALTER TABLEFIELD statement. Added outputEncoding, outputFile and flush options. Added support for multiple statements on a single line. Binary release is for .NET 4.0 platform. ======= === ========================================================
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