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Maintenance Release 1.8

This release incorporates a Visual Studio 2005 version of the source code and replaces a hard coded reference to the assembly name by using reflection instead. The binary versions are specifically set to the x86 32-bit environment to ensure the correct libraries are used.

Posted by Ian Hogan 2009-09-11

New features - Release 1.7

Added XML format options to create much more useful XML and added SHOW LINKEDTABLES option so you can update linked tables when you move databases to a new location.

Posted by Ian Hogan 2009-08-20

New features - Release 1.6

You can now use IF EXISTS on DROP TABLE and DROP VIEW. Also, you can use SHOW TABLES, SHOW VIEWS and SHOW PROCEDURES with extendedSQL mode to view table names or view/procedure definitions.

Posted by Ian Hogan 2009-08-03

New Releases 1.5 Source and Binaries

Version 1.5 includes enhancements to the extendedSQL commands and accumulated bug fixes.
Ian Hogan.

Posted by Ian Hogan 2008-03-16

New releases - 1.4, binary and source.

New binary and source releases are available for OleDbCmd. This adds further ADOX powered features. You can now set table properties and also create, alter and drop linked tables.
Ian Hogan.

Posted by Ian Hogan 2007-09-20

New binary releases ver 1.3 - .NET 2.0 and .NET 1.1 versions

This release incorporates support for extended SQL in CREATE/ALTER/DROP VIEW/PROCEDURE statements for MS Access databases. It also supports extracting binary data as files, and using ODBC connections.

Ian Hogan.

Posted by Ian Hogan 2007-08-15

New binary releases - .NET 2.0 and .NET 1.1 versions

Version 1.2 binary and source releases are now available for download. The source release is best built in SharpDevelop 2.1 as this allows for multi-platform support - ie .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0. See http://sourceforge.net/projects/sharpdevelop/ for details.

Posted by Ian Hogan 2007-03-20

Version 1.1 - Minor bug fixes

Version 1.1 fixes minor bugs reported through the tracker - namely removal of trailing spaces, and changing /help to only output usage notes not the license details.

Posted by Ian Hogan 2006-08-04

Enhanced version released

The enhanced version of OleDbCmd allows multi-line SQL commands, creating of a database embedded comments, CSV and quiet output modes, SQL command on command line, extended help, version and license details.

See the CVS or source distribution for sample usage.

Installation is simple - just put the files in a suitable folder and run OleDbCmd from there. Add the folder to your PATH environment variable if you like.

Posted by Ian Hogan 2006-07-19

Release preparation

Still fighting with the SourceForge CVS... version 1 is done, just needs an upload.

Posted by Oliver Duis 2004-03-20

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