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0.51 Beta - 2013-04-26 * Fixed a bug where game capture would shut down before it had a chance to start on some machines, resulting in black capture or frozen frame * Fixed an issue where capturing would slow to a crawl in certain rare circumstances and computer configurations * Fixed a bug with the window capture dialog and sub-region selection numbers resetting * Fixed a potential mic bug where mic audio can go out of sync (blasphemous sync issues) 0.50 Beta - 2013-04-22 * Various optimizations to the application itself * Removed most of the compile time for MP4 recordings, was getting really annoying. * Split Software Capture into Window Capture and Monitor Capture for clarity, old software capture sources still work * Changed how the frame drop code works * Changed the network code a bit to remove nearly all of the delay that was caused by internal buffering * Changed sources so they don't reset size when you change settings while previewing or streaming * Changed frame timing to a much higher precision technique, should reduce frame jitter * Fixed audio data so that all audio segments are seamless * Seamless audio data should now fix a sync bugs with twitch transcoders for their youtube uploading and the partnered transcoder resolution drop-down * Made MP4 audio fully seamless as well to reduce editing issues * Added crossbar options to video capture device sources [paibox] * Added a second Push-To-Talk hotkey to audio settings [paibox] * Added color key functionality to Image sources [paibox] * Added stream start and stop time to log files [ThoNohT] * Added right-click options to sources to center just horizontally or vertically [ThoNohT] * Added right-click options to sources to move to each of the four edges [ThoNohT] * Added an optional tray notification icon (Configured via general settings) [foxx1338] * Added the ability to duplicate a scene [partouf] * Added a compatibility mode option to software capture (renders to RAM first to prevent issues with multiple GPUs) * Added an option to adjust the scene buffering time in advanced settings * Added an option to use microphone QPC timestamps in advanced settings * Added Bicubic and Lanczos downscale filters for sharper and more detailed downscaling * Added more downscale options, such as 1.25, 1.75, 2.5, 2.75 * Added an audio filter API for plugins * Added "Desktop audio boost" to audio settings, allows boosting of desktop audio sound (in multiples) * Added some lower audio bitrate options * Added an optimization to the DirectX pipeline * Added a "Video Adapter" dropdown to the video settings to select the video card for OBS * Added a "Defaults" button to the Advanced settings section * Added an opacity setting to the outline option in Text source * Added point filtering to Window, Monitor and Video Capture * Added a selection of Audio Input Device to the Video Capture Device source. Used for capture cards or forcing a microphone to sync to a video device. * Added the bitrate estimation in the bottom right corner to previewing * Added a -portable launch option to save settings within the OBS folder instead of in the normal directory. Alternatively, you can also use an empty file named "obs_portable_mode" in the directory to automatically enable it. * Added the ability to delay video capture device sources * Added a hotkey to Game Capture the currently focused window * Added a "use buffering" option to devices. Allows you to specify a buffer duration to delay the device, and will also sync the audio/video. This is a fix especially for Elgato devices and webcams and such. * Fixed some anti-viruses flagging game capture as a false positive (due to the nature of game capture having to intercept frames directly in the game itself this is always a possibility) * Fixed a bug where some cursors wouldn't properly display in Game Capture and Windows 8 Software Capture * Fixed a crash related to cursors changing sizes (moving users on teamspeak and mumble. ugh.) * Fixed a bug in advanced with global audio offset * Fixed some minor issues with 64-bit Game Capture * Fixed a couple memory leaks * Fixed a bug causing the first keyframe not being properly sent with the transmission * Fixed issues with CBR not padding data correctly to make it fully constant bitrate * Fixed issue with CBR transmission in general, should now properly insert the correct SEI data * Fixed a few minor issues with MP4/FLV files * Fixed image sources rendering at 99% opacity when opacity is set to 100 * Fixed a number of bugs in the audio subsystem, devices with audio playback issues should now play correctly (Ex. Blackmagic and certain microphones) * Made a workaround for those buggy homebrew PSeye drivers (I think. ugh.) * Updated the help file * Updated x264 to the latest branch * Updated a number of translations * Added a message when not previewing or streaming to indicate such [Lucas Murray] * Added right click option to the preview area to fullscreen it [Lucas Murray] * Added right click option to the preview area to hide the OBS controls [Lucas Murray] * Added right click option to the preview area to switch between 1:1 view or stretch to fit [Lucas Murray] * Changed the settings menu and plugin API to allow plugins to have their settings in the main settings window [Lucas Murray] * Added a Microphone Noise Gate plugin [Lucas Murray] * Numerous other bug fixes and crash fixes 0.472 Beta - 2013-02-18 * fixed a bug with how game capture inject helper was compiled that could cause it to fail under certain circumstances * added hashd.tv to the services list 0.471 Beta - 2013-02-17 * added gamma options to software capture and game capture * made it so game capture 64bit works with 32bit games and vise versa without having to switch between versions * updated x264 dll to the "stable" x264 branch build rather than the latest development master branch, which should hopefully fix the crashes people have been having with it * fixed a crash that could happen while mp4s are building * fixed a bug where the checkboxes in the sources box wouldn't always show up in windows 7 classic theme * fixed a bug with new sources being created at the back of the scene instead of the front * fixed a bug with the UYV chroma key shader * fixed a bug where sources would still be active even when disabled * fixed a few bugs with text 0.47 Alpha - 2013-02-04 * Added "low latency mode" which reduces ping issues with multiplayer games and other network applications (coded by r1ch) * Fixed some more issues with mic/audio timing and sync * Added an option "Force audio to sync to video time" in advanced settings * Added checkboxes to the sources box so that sources can be disabled while streaming (coded by Bill Hamilton) * Inverted the source list so that sources that are top most are actually at the top and so forth * Fixed some more issues with MP4s and improved their compatibility with many editing programs * Added an option for CFR (constant framerate encoding) in advanced for more compatibility with editing programs * Added an option to select the desktop capture device (coded by Resonant) * Removed the "timestamp" crash and improved compatibility with VAC and many headphones which were having problems * Added an option in advanced to adjust all audio time * Changed the "sub-region" selection window so that it's partly transparent (fixed by HomeWorld) * Made numerous changes to the text output, you may need to adjust your text settings or reset the size (coded by HomeWorld) * Added support for Elgato capture cards 0.466 Alpha - 2013-01-04 * Fixed mic crash * Readded goodgame.ru to services.xconfig after mistakenly taking it out at some point 0.465 Alpha - 2013-01-02 * Finally implemented capture card audio output options * Added options to adjust microphone and capture card audio timing * Added an auto-updater courtesy of R1CH * Added a new and improved installer courtesy of R1CH * Added improved volume meters courtesy of Bill Hamilton once again * Made it so that windows won't go into an idle state while streaming * Fixed a bug with frequent disconnects * Fixed more issues related to mic syncing * Fixed a bug with stream keys/play paths failing * Fixed a bug with game capture not being properly movable * Fixed a bug with MP4 audio/video sync * Fixed some more minor memory leaks 0.461 Alpha - 2012-12-16 * Fixed a bug where push to talk and muting was delayed. Should now be instant * Made game capture sizable/positionable, and added an "ignore aspect" option because it was so frequently requested * Added mouse cursor to win 8 capture, fixed some bugs with multi-monitor setups * Made it so that changing profiles updates all profile hotkeys and the dashboard link and all that * Added a push to talk delay for when the key is released due to high request 0.460 Alpha - 2012-12-16 * Fixed a crash that could sometimes happen at CalculateVolumeLevels * Removed one pesky minor memory leak * Fixed a bug when deleting multiple selected sources * Fixed a bug when deleting global sources 0.459 Alpha - 2012-12-15 * Fixed a bug that would cause sound levels to be really low when not using maximum sound volume for either mic or desktop. 0.458 Alpha - 2012-12-15 * Fixed rather critical bug introduced with 0.455-0.457 that could cause stream to "decay" after 30-120+ minutes on some computers * Added experimental windows 8 monitor capture. (Use software capture->monitor capture). Currently cursor does not display with it. Cannot adjust region yet. Very very fast capture. 0.457 Alpha - 2012-12-13 * Fixed another issue where some mics wouldn't play * Fixed a problem where sound came out like static * Fixed a crash in video capture * Fixed audio level indicators to be instant response 0.456 Alpha - 2012-12-13 * Fixed an issue where some mics could randomly stop playing to the stream 0.455 Alpha - 2012-12-13 * Fixed pretty much all sync-related issues, mic or desktop (hopefully) * Fixed a problem where multiple devices of the same name could not be used (couldn't find a tester for this so may be slightly untested) * Hopefully fixed a bug that would cause transcoders for partnered streams to not show the full transcoding range, and hopefully the twitch thumbnails as well * Added audio level indicators (an awesome contribution by Bill Hamilton) * Added "Bind to network" interface * Fixed many cases where game capture couldn't acquire a game * Other random bug fixes and tweaks 0.452 Alpha - 2012-12-05 * Fixed a crash that happened for new users 0.451 Alpha - 2012-12-05 * Fixed a bug that caused to outright crash on windows 7 and lower (sorry, I had upgraded to windows 8) 0.450 Alpha - 2012-12-05 * Fixed network throughput issue on some network connections (was causing some users to drop frames way below their upload rate) * Fixed more crashes with experimental game capture * Fixed Windows 8 specific problem where the FPS would be a few FPS lower than was set to * Added finnish translation * Added text outline feature (courtesy of homeworld) * Made the app save it's position * Fixed japanese translation (thanks to nico_lab) 0.448 Alpha - 2012-11-25 * Fixed a memory leak with game capture * Fixed some crashes with game capture * Fixed bug that prevented twitch video uploading (hopefully) 0.447 Alpha - 2012-11-23 * Fixed a bug where game capture cursor would sometimes appear garbled or messed up * Fixed a bug where custom RTMP URLs ending with a slash could sometimes cause crashes when starting the stream * Fixed an issue where frames could drop more than intended 0.446 Alpha - 2012-11-22 * Added first version of game capture plugin (Warning: currently in beta/experimental phase) * Added animated GIF support for images * Added stream delay feature * Changed the way custom server entry is used, now uses proper FMS URL and channel/key * Added stream uptime display * Fixed bugs with text source, fixed the problem with the [!] message * Added opacity to video plugin * Added ability to capture layered windows to software capture * Added feature to allow higher FPS values in advanced * Added improved crash code 0.432 Alpha - 2012-11-02 * Added ability to use Ctrl/Shift/Alt alone as hotkeys * Changed color key to chroma key in the device source -- also made it not suck (all hail muf for pointing out specific details) * Added color key to software capture, as requested by a surprising number of people * Fixed bug that would cause text source not to appear on some computers * Fixed a problem where text would get cut off in certain cases * Fixed a bug with some devices still showing garble * Changed the way FPS works in the device source plugin * Fixed a bug that would cause some devices to not show anything * Added an advanced feature to let users select the specific output type their device is using while capturing (as requested by a user) 0.43a - 2012-10-28 * Added Text Source * Added Color Key feature to Capture Device source (for bluescreens and greenscreens) * Added blackmagic intensity support * Greatly increased performance with devices such as avermedia * Increased overall stream performance * Fixed many "out of range!" bugs * Fixed annoying bug where status bar would flicker when updating * More network code improvements, and fixed an issue that would cause too many frames to drop once they started dropping 0.421a - 2012-10-11 * Fixed a bug with the "Sync Fix" that would cause it to occasionally crash with the "out of range" list error. * Fixed a bug that would cause the app to freeze sometimes when stopping the stream or exiting * (Hopefully) Fixed a bug with window capture that could cause it to capture unrelated windows in rare circumstances * Changed the "Mic boost" setting to a multiple, and changed it from 100%-400% to a 1-20 multiple. * Made it so edit controls with an up-down control are no longer read-only 0.42a - 2012-10-10 * Added a "Start Stream" hotkey * Added a "Dashboard" button as per the request of some users * Added a menubar/status bar, status bar now displays frames dropped and capture FPS as well. * Improved network code again * Fixed bugs related to audio/video syncing * Also improved the "Sync Fix" option to be much smoother for any who still need to use it, it is now a very viable option as long as you keep your max FPS near or below your capture FPS * Added an option to boost microphone volume in the audio section * Fixed various bugs in the directshow plugin, improved device support for more devices * Fixed a bug that caused garbled output on some video cards * Fixed bugs related to adding/removing sources, as well as bugs relating to adding/removing global sources * Improved compatibility with more video cards and computers, and hopefully with more laptops as well. * Fixed an issue that would cause you not to connect to some services, such as livestream/ustream. * Fixed FLV file output (hopefully) 0.411a - 2012-10-3 * Fixed an issue where older cards would output garbage to the stream in 0.41a * Updated russian translation 0.41a - 2012-10-2 * Fixed AverMedia card problems * Fixed Hotkey issues, added "disconnect" hotkey * Added Slide Show image source * Made it so default names appear when creating source/scenes * Added "Fit to screen" option for sources 0.40a - 2012-9-27 * Added options to output stream to MP4 or FLV files * Added automatic reconnecting feature * Added advanced settings section for custom encoder settings and such * Added options for hotkeys for things like muting and push-to-talk * Fixed bugs in the way data was sent over the network, also should make colors look more accurate (major thanks to R1CH here for helping figure out the issue, wouldn't have found it or known about it without him) * Fixed some bugs in downscaling code, downscaling should now look more accurate * Finally started using an installer 0.38a - 2012-9-20 * Added setting profiles, so that you can use multiple channels or specific settings for specific situations. * Added a popup menu when you right click the render window, allowing you to disable it or show the current capture FPS. * Changed the way settings are saved. All settings are now saved inside the windows %appdata%\OBS directory. (i.e. C:\Users\[windows user name]\AppData\Roaming\OBS). Please use the migrateSettings.bat provided if upgrading from a previous version. * Past 20 log are now saved. Now stored in the %AppData%\OBS\logs directory. * Fixed a major bug with mic audio where certain mics would have a static-like sound and just sound horrible in general. * More DirectShow bugfixes (R1CH) 0.37a - 2012-9-16 * Added global hotkeys to the API and added scene hotkeys. Set scene hotkeys by right clicking the scene and going to "Set Hotkey" * Added tooltips to some controls to give them more description when the mouse is hovering over them * Refined network code a bit more * Added a video/audio sync fix for certain CPUs/motherboards 0.36a - 2012-9-12 * Fixed more directshow bugs * Fixed bug that caused own3d settings to be saved as twitch * Added a "disconnected by server" message when disconnected by the server 0.35a - 2012-9-10 * Added some more network code that greatly improves bandwidth usage. You should now be able to get much better bitrates. (thanks to frostshocker, modnite, kendobear, and d2ultima for helping out with this one) * Fixed directshow bug where certain resolutions could crash (thanks to R1CH for pointing out the code) * Switched to D3D10.1 to improve compatibility with many GPUs 0.34a - 2012-9-08 * Fixed 7.1 bug that caused it to sound like there was static (7.1 code is still experimental though) * Greatly improved network code, bandwidth usage will now adjust depending on your throughput * Added a display in the window that shows you your bandwidth usage when streaming, and shows whether your bandwidth demands are too high with a color indicator (green is good, red is bad) * Window capture will now simply freeze to the last frame if minimized rather than show a horrible black rectangle * Known issue: Window capture captures windows above when aero is disabled. Not sure if anything I can do about it. * Changed some internal encoder setting so it gets a bit better quality as well as better compression ratio * Updated DirectShow video device plugin so you can type in a custom resolution. 0.33a - 2012-9-06 * Fixed bug where most bitmaps were not displaying * Added Window and Region capture, renamed source to "Software Capture" * Please email me (obs.jim@gmail.com) if there are any bugs, if or if you would like to suggest new features * Please email me if there are any issues with your bitrates or unexpected lag for your upload bandwidth -- not a verified issue, but if there are, please let me know 0.32a - 2012-9-01 * Fixed a major framerate and smoothness bug with the video. Video should now be operating smoothly and at the intended framerates (that your system can support at least). Stayed up to like 5 in the morning trying to pinpoint that one * Fixed some crashes when adding sources, especially the desktop capture source. * Fixed some mic and audio related crashes, hopefully your microphones should work now * Fixed some other crashes related to x264 * Added experimental 7.1 speaker support. I don't know if my coefficients are correct as I don't know the exact math behind downmixing, so it may sound a bit off. At the very least it won't crash with that setting anymore, hopefully. If anyone can explain the correct math or help me out with properly downmixing, it would be greatly appreciated.
Source: README.txt, updated 2013-04-26

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