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This application has two versions, one in English other in Portuguese! Now you can enter a numerical system and know instantly the conversions to others numerical systems! Numerical systems enabled: decimal, binary, octal and hexadecimal. You must unpack the portable version to a folder where you don't need to take actions like administrator. You mustn't install in Program files folder of your Window's OS. Install in the folder of documents, images or another. You will have a very good and simple application to enjoy after this unpack or install this application! This application makes arithmetic calculations with different numerical systems simultaneously. So where d -> decimal, b -> binary, o -> octal and h -> hexadecimal. You can enter numerical systems data like "d1.567" or/and negative signal "d-1.567". So, forget conversions done by your hands and start your arithmetic calculations with different numerical systems in the same expression... You can enter different arithmetic symbols. There are a priority in operations such as send the rules, multiplication and division are done first. Enabled operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentialization, factorialization, response (+,-,*,/,^,!,res) You can use exponents like, exampling, d2^e^pi You can use factorials forms like, exampling, d3!,b101!,o7!,h9!; you just need end the system form with '!'. You can use previous response puting "res" like, exampling, res+d4 You can put a pi(perimeter of a circle/diameter of the same circle) and e(Napier's constant) in expressions and see the application response. The file with the history of the application is in the folder containing the application, the file name is "history.txt". If you put a path for a text file (".txt"), that you saved, closed and press "OK" button, the application will go to process the text file, giving the response of each expression. The application edits the file formatting it and saving it. Look that the application seperates the expressions processing looking for paragraphs. This functionality allows a resolution of expressions very fast and practical. In summary, it has a decimal value must be entered "d + decimal value", has a binary value must enter "b + binary value" has a value in octal must enter "o + octal value" , and has the hexadecimal value must enter "h + hexadecimal value." You can easily use this calculator as a converter for it is a very practical to have noticed. Press button "Enter" to continue make more conversions after a application response or, so, you can close the window. Stay ok and enjoying this free application! No copyright infringement, this is an open source software application! Application created by Renato Alexandre Santos Freitas. If you want to learn more about application or want give your feedback please send a e-mail message, written in English or Portuguese, to my e-mail. My e-mail:
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