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NuMetrics is a food and nutrients analysis system. It monitors food intake, generates nutrition reports, can store customer intake data, incorporates the USDA foods & nutrients database and includes an optimized search facility to scan the database for foods and nutrients. A recipe generator is also included NuMetrics includes two separate foods and nutrient search methods. The regular search and advanced search. Using the regular search you can quickly locate food items, select one of the common fixed measurements and assign them to a temporary list. Each food item once assigned can be modified in terms of it quantity in the assigned measurement/unit. Assigned food items can be optionally stored as a customer report. The advanced search can search food items given specific nutrient levels or nutrient ranges. Once you specify the levels of the nutrients the search will scan the database nutrients and food items and retrieve the matched food records. NuMetrics also includes a detailed foods editor and a recipe generator and recipe converter. You can create new food items at any time assuming you know the nutrient details. Using the recipe generator you can create new food items and store recipes using existing food sources. New food items created in that way are effectively derived and calculated from existing ones. A customer record feature is also integrated. You can create new customers, assign food reports to specific customers, retrieve customer reports from the database and generate PDF and HTML detailed reports. Other features include a nutrient control system, calculation of glycemic index and protein amino-acids, basic macronutrients display with the reports, suggestions of alternative food sources with the reports, nutrient levels warnings, report comments and a flexible, scalar open source code and structure which can be further customized by developers.
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