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Welcome to the Nihil Dice Roller 3 downloads. Files: -ndr3_macosx_snow_leopard.v.x.x.x.dmg OS X Snow Leopard and above 32 bit Intel binary. -ndr3-linuxi386.x.x.x.bin.tar.gz Linux (i386) binary. -ndr3-linuxx64.x.x.x.bin.tar.gz Linux (x64) binary. -manual.pdf A standalone copy of the current manual. Windows 64 bit binary. Windows 32 bit binary Tools: The Color Converter tool binary for Windows. -color_converter-linuxi386.x.x.x.bin.tar.gz The Color Converter tool binary for Linux. -color_converter.src.tar.gz The Color Converter Lazarus source. -color_converter-macosx_snow_leopard.v.x.x.x.dmg The Color Converter OS X Snow Leopard 32 bit universal binary. -For your convenience there are prebuilt Linux and Mac OS X binaries. They will probably work on your system; if they don't, build your own binaries using the source, it can be obtained from the SVN repository. The OS X builds are now Intel only and require Snow Leopard (10.6) or above. -The program includes a full manual contained in "manual.pdf" ***Important*** -Dice roller schemes created with version 3.14.5 or below will no longer work with new versions, if you have made any, you'll have to re-create them using the editor. -Color scheme files created with version 3.14.5 or below will no longer work with new versions, if you have custom made ones you'll have to convert them with the Color Converter that can be found in the "Tools" folder in this repository (all the old prepacked color schemes have been converted using said tool and included with the program). -If you have an old configuration file you may encounter problems that are easily solved, check the manual: section 6, question 13 -Configuration file location and name have been changed, check the manual: section 6, question 12. -To compile the Nihil Dice Roller 3 properly you'll need a working installation of Lazarus and Free Pascal, it is very important to note that you need at least Lazarus version 1.0.12 to compile it. (Read the file manual.pdf contained within for further details). Nihil Dice Roller 3 Version History: 3.20.1 Fix: remove unneeded unit from main program: should result in smaller binary. Fix: some forms displayed the wrong controls under OS X. 3.20.0 Fix: program wasn't really scaling when DPI was different than standard under Windows. Fix: minor bugs. Notice: the OS X binary is now Intel only. 3.19.5 Maintenance release. Fixed: control positions under OpenSUSE. Changed: manual.odt now uses styles to automatically add items to the index; some manual sections are clearer; code cleanup and clarity; minor bugs fixed; Shadowrun mode threshold max. Has been bumped to 999; Windows: comply with security guidelines. 3.19.2 Added a Position special die. Fixed: output for special dice wasn't being formatted properly; controls for turn counters weren't positioned correctly under Linux and OS X. Small code and logic changes. 3.19.1 Added automatic (and manual) counters; added an update notifier; small code tweaks; fixed a bug with Log Viewer's colors menu. 3.18.1 Added the Shadowrun mode; fixed several small bugs and annoyances; code is cleaner and more efficient; updated the manual. 3.16.2 Added the GURPS mode; added new special dice rolls (Moon die and d66); added the option to remove the highest or lowest die to dice box mode (for example: roll 4d6 and remove the lowest); changed the structure of custom file formats created by the program to human readable (and more portable) XML files; the log viewer now supports its own color scheme selection. Fixed several bugs, most notable: control placement is better now under OS X and Linux; the percentile dice rolls are now properly logged; the dice editor now works properly (it was broken in last version); OS X users should notice the download is quite smaller: it wasn't stripped despite me telling Lazarus to do it. The program is more visually appealing overall; added a tool (available separately) to convert old color scheme files to the new format; the code is cleaner and more efficient; updated the manual. 3.14.5 Added the Exalted/Scion mode; added the manual and websites to the help menu; implemented a new highlighter for the Results log; added a new stand-alone log viewer that uses the same (default) highlighter; minor cosmetic changes (e.g: the program now displays whether you're running a 32 or 64 bit version in the title bar); fixed a number of bugs, most notable: the difficulty progress bar no longer goes down to 2 when using the “Reset” button; the Linux result log now scrolls properly; the custom die now works as intended (it was getting its sides from the number of dice to roll); plugged some memory leaks; fixed other minor bugs and annoyances; the overall code is cleaner and easier to understand (probably more efficient, too); added new hotkeys; updated the manual. 3.12.1 Added the scenes, notes and actors functions; improved the Mac bundle: it is now a universal binary and a program icon is now included; reorganized the manual and changed the pictures to reflect the program's current look and functionality (and used better pictures), added explanation of the new features, improved clarity and fixed typos; improved memory usage. 3.11.2 Maintenance release: updated copyright years and changed the storage place and filename for the configuration file (Manual: section 5, question 13).
Source: readme.txt, updated 2015-12-08