NaviServer is an extensible web server suited to create scalable web sites and services. Originally based on AOLServer (, the ongoing development is now done independently under Mozilla Public License by a core group of people that use it for their businesses and by everyone who is willing to provide support of any kind.

Features: High performance multi-threaded architecture, massively scalable and extensible, many modules, interpreted config file, dynamic scripted pages (ADP), caching functions (static files, Tcl byte code, chunks), pooled database connections, thread shared arrays, introspection commands, mass virtual hosting (no server restart), watchdog restarts, control port and command mode, efficient handling of down-/uploads with async I/O, IPv4/IPv6

Core developers: Vlad Seryakov, Stephen Deasey, Zoran Vasiljevic, Gustaf Neumann

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  • multi-threaded architecture
  • massively scalable and extensible
  • dynamic scripted pages
  • built-in caching support (page-fragments, arbitrary data, ..) with transaction semantics
  • built-in database connection and thread pooling
  • thread shared arrays
  • watchdog restarts
  • built-in debugging (e.g. control port)
  • built-in statistics (for mutex, cache, handle, ... usage)
  • asynchronous spooling of replies
  • asynchronous writing of logfiles
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • Many plugins (NaviServer modules)

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