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2.5 (BETA) MySurf 2.5 Beta is here! This includes and all new browsing engine based off the the WebKit.Net project on SourceForge. To get to the new browser just go to file, then beta browser. The WebKit browser has an all new design with more modern buttons, and we have removed the search bar and button and the GO! button. All you need to do is type in a url, or enter your search term and press enter! Everything else is almost done, and all of the features that are in the old browser is on the new one. It is not quite finished yet, so some things may not work. Please be patient and wait for another beta release or the next stable release. To auto start in WebKit browser, just go to settings, then check WebKit Browser! 2.3 ? MySurf 2.3 is here! v2.3 has some minor bug fixes. Also in v2.3 is working bookmarks!! Just click the bookmark button at the top, and a bookmark window opens with all of your favorite websites! A WebKit browser is coming soon! 2.2 ? MySurf 2.2 is here! MySurf 2.2 has an all new feature called Lock where you can lock MySurf with a username and password of your choice. We also got rid of the skin color black, because it was causing the black text not to be read. We also have a new updating system that downloads the update right from our safe and secure servers here at MySurf.tk, to your computer for installation. 2.1 ? MySurf 2.1 is here! This version just includes some more bug fixes to make browsing faster and more secure. 2.0 ? MySurf 2.0 is here! My computers hard drive went dead with no backups, so the project files were lost. MySurf 2.0 is completely reinvented and has a much better design. We don?t have all of the features back yet, but be sure to check out the built-in update feature! 1.0 ? Official Release! After many, many weeks of testing, MySurf 1.0 is finally here! It includes a lot of features that im sure you will love!
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