Using templated message formats with customisable placeholders, run in configurable sequences that can selectively reuse data between steps, must allows more intelligent testing of syslog receivers with realistic data, as well as longer soak testing and stress testing.

must was created to fill a gap found when trying to stress test Splunk as real, indexable and meaningful data was needed.

must will (eventually) be provided as a standalone tool that uses XML configs (for quick use and consultancy etc) and as a web-based tool (for more permanent/pretty deployment (with historical reporting and live stats).

SUPPORT: The best way of contacting me is via Twitter below,

NEWS: (16/Mar/15) A beta of v2 is finally released - apologies for the long delay!


  • Simulates real UDP syslog traffic for an unlimited number of devices
  • Controllable load in messages/second, from 1 to 10k+ mps
  • Customisable messages, templated however you want
  • Unlimited custom sequences of log messages with optional inheritance of data between steps
  • Unlimited place-holders in messages, substituted for IP addresses, text or numbers
  • Weighting of messages to allow uneven distribution of logs
  • Chaining of messages, using place-holders from one message to populate the next
  • Spoofing of source IPs, simulating real environments
  • Time limited or quantity limited termination, allowing unattended soak testing

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