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  • Thank you for creating this software. I enjoy using it! There are a few minor bugs, but I'm sure they will get ironed out.

  • Great product, with active development, use this all the time!

  • Great Project, I love it! You have to learn your way around but everything works.

  • Nice, Congratulations for the developers

  • Pure awesomeness! ^_^

  • I am a beginning paper Magic player (used to play Duels of Planeswalkers before). I just started building my collection (a few event decks bought back in 2012 and now Dragons of Tarkir prerelease), so I thought I should find some software that would allow me to organize my collection online. After some googling I stumbled upon Magic Assistant and was simply impressed. The program does whatever you want do to with your collection - importing/exporting decks, getting prices for cards, checking legality of your decks, analyzing your decks... I believe it is useful not only for beginner Magic players like me, but also for ye olde players with big card collection. Just excellent!

  • Thank you so much for this software. This is exactly what I was looking for!! Thanks

  • Magic assistant is by far the best program to catalog my cards. It has one simple feature that others can't add for some reason - putting cards in separate collections (or decks). With that I can quickly find cards that I normally have in cube or duel deck placed in many different boxes. When you search your collection you can have a field for location displayed to quickly find all instances of a cards. Otherwise the program is pretty fast and generally reliable, although I had problems importing and exporting in the past. Lately I've found out you can backup all your cataloging work and hopefully it will never brake.

  • It's simple, free, full of features, constatly been developed.

  • Very usefull but crashed at import of big data with a java heap error.

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  • The best MTG application by far. I use it almost every day to manage my collection and my decks. I hope to see in the near future a better a more intuitive way of adding sets and cards manually (for promos and other special cards not listed on the Gatherer).

  • Awesome program small learning curve but well documented so it was easy to learn. I would like to see some way to mark my cards as foil or promo. It would also be nice to be able to assign a color to your deck then in the my cards tab the row would be color coded for its deck location.

  • Clever eclipse based application for managing my cards.

  • Just what I was looking for!

  • I've tried several MTG collection apps, and this is without a doubt the best one for the job.

  • Love this project! It has just about everything I would want in a magic card database. The only downside is that other programs don't always readily recognize the exported files from it very well.

  • Simple and invaluable.

  • Great piece of software! Easy to get the hang of, and even easier to afford. It lacks a feature or two that I would like to see, but still gets 5 stars as it makes up in versatility and ease of use. The developer is also readily available to answer questions or field complaints without the "it's free so deal with it" attitude. All and all the best card inventory software I've used to date.

  • if you collect magic cards, or are just tryign to build a deck. Magic assistant is the ultimate tool! insanely powerful , keeps track of your sprawling collection with ease! Virtual decks allow you to build and plan out that deck , and see what cards you already have for it in your collection and what ones you need to get! Amazingly feature rich, and if you have a feature suggestion thats worth while it will likely be added to the software. if you're not using this already , download it now. you will not regret it.

  • For searching for cards I prefer MTG Familiar or the Gatherer web page, but for literally everything else I use this software. Easy to use and support is very responsive. Hands down my favorite MTG related software.

  • I love this piece of software, it's a nice little program for listing my collection of cards. The only thing I don't like about this is that there are no makrs to show if you have a foil or a promotional edition of a card for a set (for example, I have the foiled Ass Whuppin' promo, but there's no proper way of listing it....or showing that I have the black bordered foils from Eighth Edition). The only thing I cannot do as far as I'm aware is have this program on a memory card so that I could use it on multiple for me would make it almost perfect if you could.

  • I love Magic Assistant. i would like to see Pauper formats (standard, online, paper legacy...) be added to the legality section for decks. other than that, it is perfect for me. thank you so much!

  • Great tool, simple in use and giving many options. Reaction on reported bugs is also fast and nice. Great job and keep it up! :)

  • Mtgbrowser works excellent.

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  • Works really well, cross platform is excellent (for me). DB is up to date and s/w pretty responsive. Best cataloguing s/w fot mtg I have found. Thanks for the time to build.

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