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User Reviews

  • I needed a simple command-ling media player, and this was perfect! Extremely lightweight and very versatile. I use it for some custom clip management and window capture for streamers to use when broadcasting using the OBS Studio streaming/broadcasting software on Twitch. I take chat commands that create a text semaphore/trigger file, and when the script sees the trigger, it uses this Mplayer utility to play. I am just doing this for fun, and to help streamers offer a little something extra. if a streamer wants to rotate 8 different "Hug" clips when a viewer runs the "!hug @somename" command in chat, there should be a utility that can launch the clips when the commands are run, then rotate the clips so if 4 or 5 people use the "Hug" command to hug each other, it doesn't just play the same clip over and over. The fact that you can title the player window allows a streamer to have a few different windows captures set up. Maybe 1 for fullscreen clips with a chromakey filter, a regular fullscreen clip fo speciual event clips, and maybe ones for subscriber "intro clips" they use when they join chat to announce their presence in style. Maybe another for "accent clips/memes", so users can add commentary by launching clips at proper moments, like a "!rip" command that plays a rotation of funny "I'm dead" clips when the streamer dies playing a game. The streamer just ads these 3 or 4 window capture sources to each scene they want clips to be available, then the script/utility launches each clip with the appropriate window title to have it play at the right size and location. I'd love to see someone actualy do this properly. I have it all working. I just needed a "lighter" player that was flexible enough to support all the different clip types. I was using VLC Media Player, but it did noy play smoothly, often hitching/lagging for a split second when launching clips, making it seems rough and "unfinished". This gives a smooth and polished feel when playing the clips.

  • This is awesome. No more need to fire-up some heavy graphical user interface just to listen to audio streams! (Sorry I couldn't do this, due to a complete lack of free time here!) The only thing lacking, instructions how to install mplayer.exe and instructions concerning how to use with Cygwin. Basically, the mplayer.exe goes within your $PATH. I'm not sure where the other sub-folders should reside, but I simply created a symbolic link using Cygwin for my usage here. (ie. See below Cygwin Instructions) Initial execution of mplayer.exe seemed to search all of Windows fonts. Successive exections of mplayer.exe appeared to forgo the font searching, resulting in the usual quick start of the program. For cygwin users: 1) Unpackage the mplayer package to a folder. 2) Start cygwin and make sure you have a local bin folder (ie. /home/user/bin) within your path. If not, create the folder and modify your local $PATH to include your /home/user/bin folder, replacing the "user" with your user name. 3) Type "ln -s /place/where/you/unpackaged/mplayer/mplayer.exe /home/user/bin/" 4) If you prefer using .exe" command suffixes or are required to, and you have "mplayer" aliases within you Linux bashrc and are copying the Linux bashrc over to Windows' Cygwin, then open the bashrc file within vim and type ":%s/mplayer\ /mplayer.exe\ /gc" without quotes. The command will aide in replacing the "mplayer " with "mplayer.exe ". Most Cygwin users can skip this as Cygwin seems to recognize commands without the ".exe" suffix!

  • Nice work ! Version 37051 has not any more WMV bug. Really nice Job ! Don't stop working on mplayer, i use it everyday for a project i'll publish soon... Thanks again ;)

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