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  • Not good at all. I tried to split an 8 hr audio book into 10 parts. I got 1 file of about 40% the size, 3 at zero, one at 50-55%, some more zeros then the balance. Not quite equal splits! It seems to work on 3 minute tracks. No help at all in the program. I have to rate 1 star?

  • Excellent! Does what I expected.

  • I used the GUI version. The GUI and the help are extremely poor. I have a big mp3 containing several tracks. When doing the single file split I set two split points in the player. But it only generated 1 track. So ok, it is called "single file split". But how the hell am I supposed to split the rest when it does not provide me with 2 files? So I exported the split files to a file. This contains both split points. OK. So I might have a chance importing the same file into the "Batch & automatic split" with "Use manual single file splitpoints" . But no. I get an error "not enough split points (<2)". What the hell? After about 15 minutes of annoyance I wrote this review and will delete the program from my computer. By the way: the tooltip help is useless because the help text flashes on for about 1/3 seconds and then disappears

  • There when I needed it - thank you

  • Very simple to use that batch function and gets the job done, I do not understand how the manual function work. I also spent zero time reading on how to do it, I had a 12 hour book that was like 500mb, this did a great job splitting it. I expected very little but this did a nice job of just breaking it into manageable chunks. Small program, I liked that, quickly did what I asked of it, I love that. It works and no spam ware to my knowledge. I will come back and add more comments if I find that to be untrue.

  • Awesome!! I just cut up a 1 1/2 hour MP3 into 50+ tracks automatically. Now all I need to do is add meta data. Very high quality / Fast and easy to use program. I suggest you add a PDF to walk me through the use of the program for some typical cases. At first I didn't trust the auto feature and tried to add points manually. But it's hard to get enough resolution on the wave form when the file is very long - but I found that the silence detection worked great. Thanks again for a great program.

  • Really nice job.

  • awesome

  • just works, and has loads of features

  • Does exactly what is says on the tin!

  • Perfect. I had a 22h mp3 with defect time stamp. No other tool was able to split this file but mp3splt.

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  • Office suite very well designed for both the amateur and the professional.Thumbs up

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  • Easy to use, fast, works. Thank you for this

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  • great tool, but hard to understand at the beginning

  • Amazing project! The interface is simple and concise interface and is written in the amazing GTK :)! Thank you!

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  • Good and useful software

  • This is a wonderful project. TNX!

  • Very helpful, fast and easy product!

  • Nice project! You did a great job. Thank you!

  • Thanks mp3splt

  • great software! :) Thanks

  • Great app. The developers included an interface suggestion from me into the release in about 2 weeks. Awesome!

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  • This is very useful tool, i am quite impressed, i have written a detailed review of mp3splt and how it helped me to solve the problem i was facing @ Thanks for the great utility and keep up the good work.

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  • very good project

  • Is one of very few lossless ogg or mp3 cutters that saves you from the uality loss of a new encoding step after editing your file. And it is definitively usable.

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