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  • Complete and very practical to use

  • Thanks for Mp3bookhelper, it's excellent!

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  • Best tagger I've tried, been using it now for 7 or 8 years and wouldn't be without it. I see some appeals here for further development on this program but it does what I need it to do very close to perfectly already. I'd hate to see it improved to death.

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  • Works great under Wine on Linux

  • MP3bookHelper is indeed a nice tool but its age of 8 years shows. Least of all problems is that the interface would profit from a refresh. The more grave problems are IMO that it doesn't support the title artist/album artist distinction and it has no support for embedding cover pictures. The most prominent hurdle for someone to take over the project and carry-on the development is that it's written in Delphi and the number of folks that understand Object Pascal is rather small compared to those that use C++/C#/VB. Too sad, as this fine piece of software would indeed deserve a rejuvenation.

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  • Since I first began using MP3 Book Helper about seven years ago, I have noticed that it appears to have been "abandoned," as in "no longer being maintained." Ironically, however, it still appears to me to be better than any other similar product out there, freeware or commercial. For all the abilities of the other programs, there seems always to be lacking at least one major capability that MP3BH possesses, whereas I have yet to find one thing MP3BH lacks that another program possesses. It is simply a shame that it is no longer being maintained. Can someone out there not do something to rectify this? I am no programmer or I would certainly give it a try. It's a great, great product.

  • Someone PLEASE pick up this project. Here is an excellent program that is going to fade away rather quickly. That's very sad.

  • Awesome software, too bad it is abandoned. It is very useful in its current state, but freedb is almost not working now, and there are no people to fix it.