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  • Best option I've found in the zone between powerful/tabbed editor, and fast/simple/light. Awesome.

  • éditeur de text plein de ressources qui vient de remplacer mousepad. Bug > medit not display UTF-8 encoding correctly ://

  • Far better finishing than Gedit, far more lightweight than jEdit (which also suffers from rather ugly text rendering). Its only issues to me, are to be based on GtkSourceView for syntax colourization (a finite state automata is better in this area) , and a few bugs, but in the overall, it scores as much well as PSPad for Windows (which is not available for Ubuntu nor Mac), and may compare for finishing, with SublimeText, although this one is a bit too different for a really relevant comparison. I've rated 5 of 5 for ease, design and support, and 4 of 5 for features.

  • This is the best modern-looking text editor in linux. Others feel like zombies to me. It looks and works perfect. It's lightweight, nearly no dependency and has extensibility options. It's super! I would've really loved if it had move line and duplicate line feature (with multi line support) coming by default. Although you can implement them (for single line) through code:

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  • I can not imagine going through 50kb ini files without interface features this tool offers. Shame it uses GTK instead of Qt, Thanks still!

  • I think this is the best text editor for most users (beginner to advanced) with a great plugin extensibility.

  • thanks man, great soft!

  • Thank you!

  • Best text editor I've found for Python development. Its zippy and has just the right set of features I expect in a text editor. Excellent.

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  • Medit is a great, fast program that has a comprehensible interface. It works great on Windows 7.

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  • Medit is a favorite text editor for me. It is fast, stable, useful and at the same time simple program. It has also session support and text highlight. Cool!

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  • MEdit is my editor of choice for both Windows and Linux. ^-- I wrote the above in November 2009, and in February 2011, it's just as true as ever. I love MEdit. I especially wanted to thank the developer for working on the terminal for us Linux users.

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  • I really like this editor - it is increasingly being used as my editor of choice!