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medit-1.1.0 released

2012-03-04 Yevgen Muntyan <>

* === Released 1.1.0 ===

Fixed few memory leaks.
Improved documentation.
Made lua scripts use UTF-8 strings by default.
Fixed font selector in terminal pane.
Fixed clicks and drags with Shift key pressed.
Store 'Show hidden files' setting of file selector in preferences.
Added Japanese translation by Toshiharu Kudoh.
Updated Spanish translation by Sebikul.
Added Finnish translation by Tommi Nieminen.

Posted by Yevgen Muntyan 2012-03-04

medit-1.0.4 released

Added protobuf lang file by Pavel Artyomkin.

Posted by Yevgen Muntyan 2011-09-11

medit-1.0.0 released

2011-01-29 Yevgen Muntyan <>

* === Released 1.0.0 ===

New release which breaks backwards compatibility (which won't be
broken again for long time, not until medit-2.0). Bugs have been
fixed, features have been implemented, new bugs have been introduced.


- Consistent API for Python and Lua scripts, generated from
source code, together with documentation. This allows for
much more powerful Lua scripts.
- Added option to show all spaces, not just Tab characters.
- Allow searching in a list of directories instead of just a single one.
- Added --geometry command line option.
- Added split views - multiple views of the same document in one
notebook tab.
- Windows can display two notebooks to allow viewing two different
documents at the same as well.
- Build system uses autotools again. Cmake is nice but not nice enough.

Posted by Yevgen Muntyan 2011-01-29

medit-0.9.4 released

2008-08-29 Yevgen Muntyan <>

* === Released 0.9.4 ===

Corrected a brain dead logic error which led to data loss:
medit did not report a proper error when it could not convert
content to requested encoding (e.g. when trying to save text
with accented characters in ASCII). Thanks to LoneFox.

Updated and corrected documentation.
Fixed recent files menu where underscore in filenames showed
up as mnemonics underline.
Added recent files dialog.
Fixed saving session on logout.
Made open-dialog-follows-doc option apply to Save As too.
Much improved Mac OS X port (which requires much improved Mac OS X
Gtk port from SVN).
Once again fixed document tab icon appearance.
Made tilde expansion work in Find in Files dialog.
Fixed bug in Preferences dialog caused by a buggy Ubuntu Gtk patch.
Worked around freezing when editing a document with very long lines.
Added Open With Default Application to file selector menu.
Made ctags plugin not try to run ctags on a non-existent file.
User data files on windows are now stored in <User>/Application Data
instead of the home folder, medit will move old files on startup.
Fixed win32 bug with saving session file.
Lot of lang files were improved.... read more

Posted by Yevgen Muntyan 2008-08-29

medit-0.9.3 released

2008-02-10 Yevgen Muntyan <>

* === Released 0.9.3 ===

Fixed double-click glitch in the file selector.
Made file list remember expanded and collapsed rows.
Implemented Find in Files on windows.
Fixed handling UNC paths on windows.
GtkRecent*, which caused freezing on load and save,
is no longer used.
Made ctags plugin enabled by default.
Fixed deleting folders on windows.... read more

Posted by Yevgen Muntyan 2008-02-10

medit-0.9.2 released

2008-01-10 Yevgen Muntyan <>

* === Released 0.9.2 ===

Fixed broken windows build.

Posted by Yevgen Muntyan 2008-01-10

medit-0.9.1 released

2008-01-09 Yevgen Muntyan <>
* === Released 0.9.1 ===

Added more editor functions for Lua scripts.
Made building with --disable-nls work again.
Fixed alternating button order in Find dialog; use it
in more dialogs (LoneFox).
Fixed a segfault in user tools preferences.
Small buttons in the notebook and window panes follow
gtk theme.
Notebook tabs no longer scroll on closing document.
Nicer arrow buttons in notebook.
configure doesn't fail to detect pygtk when pycairo-dev
is absent.
Added a setting to ensure trailing newline character
on save.
Emacs-like filename:line strings are now recognized by
default in shell tools output.
File list plugin.
Function list plugin (Christian Dywan).
File selector allows selecting by dragging the mouse
and DND for multiple items.
Window panes configurations is now saved and restored
properly; panes may be re-arranged by DND.
Added color schemes for the terminal.
Fixed the bug when the toolbar didn't pick up default gtk
Fixed all memory leaks found by valgrind.... read more

Posted by Yevgen Muntyan 2008-01-10

medit-0.9.0 released

2007-11-29 Yevgen Muntyan <>
* === Released 0.9.0 ===

Replaced MooScript with Lua.
Improved user-defined tools, made it possible to store
tools in separate files instead of creating and editing
them via Preferences dialog.
Added online help.
Rearranged menu items, removed Settings menu.
Added a setting for window title format.
Made Preferences dialog remember its size to make
editing scripts more comfortable.
Fixed the bug with storing clipboard contents on exit.
Fixed files drag'n'drop on windows.
Improved syntax highlighting.
medit now reads meditrc files in data directories, so it's
possible to have pre-set options different from defaults.
Fixed Find in Files and Find File menu items broken on
some systems.
Fixed highlighting current line and behavior of Home/End
keys when line wrapping is enabled.
Fixed entries for language extensions and mime types in the
Preferences dialog.
Added a command-line option to open documents in a new window.... read more

Posted by Yevgen Muntyan 2007-11-30

medit-0.8.10 released

2007-08-07 Yevgen Muntyan <>
* === Released 0.8.10 ===

Fixed numerous memory leaks.
Fixed an issue with indentation when pressing Enter key
on an empty line.
Fixed tooltips on toolbar, once again, now for gtk-2.10.
Added a setting for what directory should be shown in the
Open dialog.

Posted by Yevgen Muntyan 2007-08-07

medit-0.8.9 released

2007-07-31 Yevgen Muntyan <>
* === Released 0.8.9 ===

Russian translation by Andrey Fedoseev.
Spanish translation by Arnau Sanchez.

Added a setting to disable sessions (Joris_M).
Added a setting to draw right margin in text, as in gedit.
Unbroke loading old lang files.
Fixed some bugs in notebook tabs drawing.
Re-added --with-broken-gtk-theme configure option for Suse.
Do not ignore displayed tab width when printing.
Worked around crash with Export as PDF and gtk-2.10.... read more

Posted by Yevgen Muntyan 2007-07-31

medit-0.8.7 released


Posted by Yevgen Muntyan 2007-06-25

medit-0.8.5 released

2007-04-09 Yevgen Muntyan <>
* === Released 0.8.5 ===

Fixed ciritical win32 bug: editor duplicated line endings on save,
screwing up files and everything (Thomas Gilgin).

Implemented selecting whole lines on click/drag over line numbers
margin (stonecrest).
Made it save user-chosen encodings in Open and Save dialog.
It's now possible to print line numbers.

Version 0.8.4 broke loading files on unix, and was deleted.

Posted by Yevgen Muntyan 2007-04-10

medit-0.8.4 broken on unix

While fixing win32 bug, I introduced a severe unix bug, I removed source tarball, and will release 0.8.5 shortly.

Posted by Yevgen Muntyan 2007-04-10

medit-0.8.4 released

2007-04-09 Yevgen Muntyan <>
* === Released 0.8.4 ===

Fixed ciritical win32 bug: editor duplicated line endings on save,
screwing up files and everything (Thomas Gilgin).

Implemented selecting whole lines on click/drag over line numbers
margin (stonecrest).
Made it save user-chosen encodings in Open and Save dialog.
It's now possible to print line numbers.

Posted by Yevgen Muntyan 2007-04-10

medit-0.8.3 released

2007-04-06 Yevgen Muntyan <>
* === Released 0.8.3 ===

French translation by Collilieux.
Finally made tools written in Python work.
Fixed Stop button in replace confirmation dialog.
Number following colon after filename on command line is treated as line number,
e.g. 'medit /home/user/foo:134'.

File selector fixes:
Use exo-open when running on XFCE.
Correctly determine mime type of backup files and text files.
Executable files do not get passed to gnome-open and alike, so they are not
executed on double-click.
Improved performance and memory consumption.... read more

Posted by Yevgen Muntyan 2007-04-06

medit-0.8.2 released

Made medit ask whether to save changes on logout.
Fixed build without libxml2.
Fixed PHP and Java syntax highlighting.
Double-click in file selector now opens text files in the editor, and uses default applications for the rest of files.

Posted by Yevgen Muntyan 2007-02-03

medit-0.8.0 released

Added document bookmarks (Dmytro Savchuk).
"medit" without arguments opens new file if existing process instance
is used (Lontronics).
Open dialog remembers its size (Lontronics).

Posted by Yevgen Muntyan 2006-11-30

medit-0.7.97 released

Added Print Preview and Export as PDF menu items.
Improved print preview.
Fixed problem with multiple windows on twm (Jan Lont).

Posted by Yevgen Muntyan 2006-11-19

medit-0.7.96 released

Fixed print preview for different page orientations.
Made editor use document font to display line numbers.

Posted by Yevgen Muntyan 2006-11-14