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  • Spectacular work. Real treat for MoM fans. I hope this continues.

  • Out of all the Master of Magic mod/remake projects, Implode's Multiplayer Edition of Master of Magic is by far the most impressive and most complete I've seen, as his project is pretty much the only one still going these days! After over a decade of hard work his game is now totally independent of the original MoM game meaning you can just download and play it without needing the original files. He's added huge amounts of customization and information not seen in the original MoM game. HD/High resolution gameplay is of course available and even multiplayer games against up to THIRTEEN other players! I prefer single player myself so I'm very excited about the possibility of fighting against 13 AI players in a massive slaughterfest across 2 massive worlds (yes the dark world Myrran is there too)! The author hasn't had much help recently and is looking for testers and help. Implode's project files are now freely accessible here on sourceforge so if you're a big Master of Magic fan then try out his latest work in progress build, visit his forums and give him some feedback & support. I filmed a video of myself testing the 2015 build and started a game against 13 AI's (although they don't do much yet) and I was able to build cites, units, attack neutrals, conquer nodes etc. very very fun! PART 1 VIDEO: PART 2 VIDEO:

  • Implode's Multiplayer Edition (IME) of the early Master of Magic (MoM) game will make a great game even better than the original, imho. Because it's in the middle stage of development it may not have all the spells & features put in just yet, but MoM IME can still consume days or maybe weeks of playtime. It stands as a very good playable demo of even more to come! Support is very easy and direct, one can put in tickets here, or start a thread on the game's larger forum and get a good response either way. =)

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