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* About This is a set of libraries, tools and GDAL plugins to read and write Meteosat images in several formats. There are low-level functions to work with: HRIT/LRIT, HRI, OpenMTP, and OpenMTP-IDS. The GDAL driver can work with xRIT, SAF HDF5, two NetCDF dialects, GRIB. Use at Your own risk and for any purposes. See AUTHORS file for contact information. See for more examples and troubleshooting. * Installation instructions **IMPORTANT** about HRIT support: This library is used to read Meteosat files on a PDUS receiving station. No decryption is performed. Files are expected to be already decrypted by using the EUMETSAT key unit, or to be transitted already in clear form. For MSG data decompression, You need the EUMETSAT source code for the decompression library for Wavelet, JPEG and T4 images. To get it, please fill the form at to obtain the source code, and put the resulting file under the directory "decompress". Besides the optional requisite described above, meteosatlib is a standard autotools package. See the INSTALL file for detailed instructions, which generally can be summarised as tue usual: ./configure make make check # optional make install * Package contents decompress/ put here. The directory contains scripts and patches to convince it to build. msat/ the low-level meteosatlib library. It contains functions to directly access all supported formats. gdal/ the GDAL plugin sources, which implement GDAL drivers using the low-level meteosatlib library. tests/ unit tests. tools/ command line tools using the library. examples/ example code using the low-level libraries and the GDAL plugin.
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