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version 1.0.3 (git tag v1.0.3rel) -------------------------------- * fix some more python 3 compatibility issues (all examples now work with python 3.2). * added alpha keyword to fillcontinents (to set transparency). * update geos from 3.3.1 to 3.3.3. * upgrade proj4 source to version 4.8.0, pyproj to version 1.9.2. * add k_0 keyword for projection = 'tmerc' so UTM zones can be created. Also can be used with 'lcc','omerc' and 'stere'. Added "utmtest.py" example. * add streamplot method, along with streamplot_demo.py example. * add boundarylats, boundarylons Basemap attributes (arrays describing map boundaries - useful for illustrating map projection region on another map). Example illustrating usage (make_inset.py) added. * update coastlines, rivers, political boundaries to GSHHS 2.2.0/GMT 4.5.7. The fillcontinents bug (filling the outside instead of the inside of a coastline polygon) is now much harder to trigger. * add 'round' keyword keyword to Basemap.__init__ for pole-centered projections to make them round (clipped at boundinglat) instead of square. * added hexbin method, along with hexbin_demo.py example. * drawmapboundary now uses axes bgcolor as default fill_color. If no color fill wanted, set fill_color='none' (a string). * clip coastlines for nplaea,npaeqd,splaea,spaeqd in stereographic coordinates to avoid S. America disappearing in some south polar plots. * fix broken daynight terminator function. * added kav7 (Kavrayskiy VII) and eck4 (Eckert IV) projections (https://github.com/matplotlib/basemap/issues/9). * update pyproj source from pyproj.googlecode.com. Includes new more robust and accurate pure python code for geodesic computations from geographiclib. * bug fixes for celestial projections, and non-standard sphere radii (https://github.com/matplotlib/basemap/pull/6). * fix bug in drawparallels that results in 'KeyError' when drawing parallels very close together (0.1 degrees). * fix constant in Robinson projection (update PJ_robin.c from proj4 svn). * fix typo in setup.py (replace "!= ['sdist','clean']" with "not in ['sdist','clean']"). * make sure drawmeridians can handle wrap-around (so that if projection is defined in -180 to 0 and user asks for meridians from 180 to 360 to be drawn, it should work). Only affects projections 'mill','gall','merc' and 'cyl'.
Source: README, updated 2012-05-17