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------------------------- SobekCM MARC Library ( Version 1.2 ) ------------------------- LATEST VERSION The latest version is version 1.2. This new version add Z39.50 capability (see bottom of this readme) and also adds better handling of MARC-8 character encoding, including automatic translation of combinational type characters from MARC8 encoding to Unicode. Better error and warning handling has also been added. Several bugs were corrected between version 1.1 and version 1.2 LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT Copyright 2005-2012 Mark Sullivan ( ) This library is released under the Lesser GNU Public License, which is included within the download. PURPOSE This is a C# library which contains classes for working in memory with MARC records ( ). This allows records to be read from MarcXML and Marc21 formats. Once in memory any field or subfield can be edited, added, or deleted. Then the record can be queried or saved again in either a MarcXML or Marc21 file format. USE This library has been developed over the last six years and is used in several open-source projects and within the University of Florida Digital Library Center workflow applications. The term 'SobekCM' references the two open-source applications which have been previously released, but this library should be able to be used across many different applications. I am releasing it as open-source here as we are planning on using this library more commonly in other upcoming projects the UF Libraries are involved in. FUTURE PLANS I hope to add a simple interface to the Marc record which allows you to query for simple dublin core values ( i.e., title, creator, etc.. ) without a full understanding of the MARC record format. I would also like to add better error handling. REQUIREMENTS I find that this works best when working with either MarcXML or Marc21 that is encoded with Unicode character encoding (rather than Marc character encoding). Z39.50 As of version 1.1, Z39.50 has been added to this library. You can query a Z39.50 endpoint for a record by primary identifier, or control number. Demo4 in the demo app shows this. For Z39.50 to work, you need to copy all the contents in the DLLs\ folder directly into the bin folder. Likewise, if you wish to distribute an application with Z39.50 based on this library, all those files must also be included in your release. Mark Sullivan
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