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Hello, and thanks for using the MAA Gifter Please send all questions, bug reports, and comments to maachecker1@gmail.com! Steps to Start: 1. Type in Login username and password for the playdom site.*** you can click on the "remember me" checkbox for the App to automatically save your user/pass info in the application's config file. It will be encrypted, but if you do not feel comfortable doing this, you can just type in your info every time you start the app. ***NOTE: (I highly recommend that you use a different password for your gaming than from your other important stuff! i.e., email, facebook, amazon, and other financial info. I have encrypted the username + passwords on your local machine in the config file, but it is by no means 100% secure. And also please note that the Playdom site DOES NOT USE SSL/HTTPS, so your password is unprotected, even if you log in from the official playdom website. This is something that disturbed me greatly when I found out while writing this App, but a good rule of thumb is, ALWAYS use a different password for your casual online experiences versus your important personal info.) -EDIT- Playdom has finally switched over to HTTPS at around 12/12/2012. It must be the end of the world or something =p 2. Once you've typed in your username/password and pressed the "Login" button, the login process will authenticate. You should see a "Login Success! User ID found!" message in the App's Title text box, followed by a number string, which you may or may not already recognize as your personal player ID. Once your user ID has been found, the App will automatically unlock several buttons on the other tabs. Also you will see that the current Tournament info will be displayed in the Title Text Box as well. 3. The Friends Tab & the "Get List" Button. The "Get List" button on this tab will download your friends list and populate the friends Grid View with that information. The gift preferences option is still not implemented, but you should click on this button to generate the text file. Pressing the "Get List" button will unlock the "Write List" button on this tab. 4. The Friends Tab & the "Write List" button. As soon as you see that your friends list is downloaded, you should press this button. This will write a text file with all your friends, friendIDs in it. Everytime you press this button, it will overwrite the old friends list in the text file, not on the server, so you can feel free to update this list when you make manual changes to your friends list on the playdom server. 4. The Gifts Tab & the "Get List" Button. The "Get List" Button on this tab will download all the current received gift and pending gift info and populate the 2 different Data Grid Views. The Received Gifts are displayed on top, and Unsent Gifts are displayed on Bottom. Due to concerns, The bottom Data Grid Views currently has no real function, since the functionality for Sending Gifts is not yet implemented. Pressing "Get List" will also unlock the "Log/Receive" Button on this tab. 5. The Gifts Tab & the "Log/Receive" Button. This button will auto accept the gifts that you have received, and will write to a text file with your playerID and current date in the filename so that it can be used on the next tab for Statistics. 6. The Statistics Tab & the "Get Stats" Button. Once you have a text file with your friends list, and text files with your received gifts data, you may click on the "Get Stats" Button. This will populate the DataGrid that lists all your friends from your friends list, as well as the statistics of gifts received from them in the 3rd column. Once you have clicked this button, the "Sort" button unlocked and "Sort By:" dropdown box will be populated with all the gifts you've received from your friends. This will include all current gifts as well as any expired gifts from previous gift lists. 7. The Statistics Tab & the "Sort" Button. This will sort the current gift stat data by the gifts name. You can choose "All Gifts" and see all gifts you've received from your friends within the Date Range Specified. If the "Get Statistics for the Last:" dropdown box is not selected, then the app will automatically default to the last (1) day, which will include the day before the current day AND today's gift lists. TL,DR: Enter Login Info, click Login Button. Go to Friends Tab, Click Get List Button, Click write List button. Go to Gifts Tab. Click Get List Button, Click Log/Receive Button. Go to Statistics Tab. Click Get Stats Button. Please note that this App is not finished, and currently is only useful receiving gifts and logging stats so you can find out which of your friends are the most active gifters and which are the deadbeats. The App will create the folowing files on your computer (So it is best to create a seperate folder for it): Maa Gifter.config (to save your login info) DebugLog.txt (saves some webrequest debug info for bug reporting) XXXX_FriendsList.txt (Friends list is written to this file, where XXXX is your player ID) a GiftLogs subfolder which will contain: XXXX-MM_dd_yyyy-GiftLog.txts (each date on your computer's clock will have a seperate text file. XXXX is your player ID and MM_dd_yyyy is the day the Gifts were logged) Hope you enjoy this and all following releases of the MAA Gifter. And again, please send all bug reports, comments, questions to maachecker1@gmail.com! Thank you very much and continue enjoying the game! Version 0.5.1 Changelog ======================= 1) Modified Allies Page regex search pattern to accomodate new page format Version 0.5.0 Major Changelog ============================= 1) All Http Protocol tasks (including Login, Get Friends List, Get Gift Lists, Send Gift and receive/log gifts) are now multi-threaded and updates to the progress bar. 2) Fixed the issue with the row numbers disappearing after user has clicked on a sort column 3) Added Dropdown Menus to the Friends List so you can pick gift preferences more easily. 4) Revamped Friends List so it includes a DateTime function so you can keep track of how long an ally has been on your Friends List (Logged)*** 5) "Active" Icon state added to Friend List info 6) Statistics will now automatically highlight friends deemed 'unworthy'. Conditions include: Player level is less than 4, Player has been inactive, and also players who have been on your Friends List for over 7 days and sent you 1 or less gifts. Future updates should allow the user to customize these highlighted suggestion options. Also in the future, automatic unfriending with one click of a button. 7) All HTTP Get and Post Requests are now done with HTTPS *** Important Note: Because the Friends List text file has been changed, please remember to log your new Friends List by clicking on "Write List" on the Friends tab before the Statistics Tab can function! Version 0.4.7 Null Proxy Changelog ================================== 1) Fixed the Get List on gifts tab not getting the most recently updated gift preferences (Thanks to Josh aka Roachy!) 2) As a test, I've added a background worker to handle the most time consuming task: Logging/Receiving Gifts, as well as a progress bar. If this new feature works under testing, it will be implemented for all tasks that require more than a couple of seconds of processing time: Login, Sending Gifts, Getting Stats 3) This version assumes the user is NOT behind a server proxy. The App specifically sets the webrequest proxy to null. Not sure if this will render all users behind a proxy SOL. Version 0.4.5 Changelog ======================= 1)Fixed the Sorting error with datatypes being sorted as strings instead of ints (Thanks to Joshua aka Roachy and Szymon!) 2)Fixed csv file always having a last line full of 0's (Thanks to Thomas!) 3)Fixed the Gift Logs tallying up all the gift logs in date range instead of just for the user as determined by the Login User ID Version 0.4.4 Unofficial ======================== 1) Mostly Internal Changes, optimization of code, extending classes, logical refactoring. 2) added URL Enconding to format username/password strings (Thanks to Kenneth!) 3) Log/Receive buttons and Send Gift buttons now do an extra request right before send/receiving to maximize chance of success. (Thanks to Joshua aka Roachy!) Note: They still do occasionally fail though, due to the time it takes to read through http response, run regex search for wanted text patterns, logging into object and writing out to file. Noticeable increase in processing time. Decided to add Multi-Threading/Background workers as well as update the UI with a progress bar for all time consuming tasks. If only Playdom allowed me access to their server API... Version 0.4 Changelog ===================== 1) Fixed the Tab Index order on the Login page so when hit Tab, it will cycle through, username -> password -> login button -> remember me (Thanks to Thomas!) 2) Added an "Excel" button so the major log can be saved to a CSV file and opened in excel or any program the user has associated with csv files (Thanks to Thomas!) 3) Populated Friends List with Player Level, Playdom Points, Guild Name (Thanks to Thomas!) 4) Fixed the Gifts Received/Pending counter bug, where the gifts Received/Pending did not reset to zero after pressing the log/receive and send buttons (Thanks to Thomas!) 5) Set the Login button to one click per session, and removed timer from log/receive button. Now the log/receive and send buttons will only be unlocked for one click after you've just clicked "get list" on the Gifts tab. (Thanks to Joshua aka Roachy) 6) Statistics Tab now shows All gift types in additional columns as well as a "Total" column (Thanks to Thomas!) Version 0.3.1, 0.3.2, 0.3.3 Hotfixes Changelog ============================================== 1) Resolved some issues with log/receive and send gifts buttons not working past the first button press, or processing every person on the list except for the last person on the list Version 0.3 Changelog ===================== 1) Fixed the wait cursor always showing up at the Friends Tab (Thanks to Thomas!) 2) Added gift preferences loading to the Friends List view and the Unsent Gifts View 3) Added Send button functionality to the App, it now sends Gifts to all Allies based on your gift preferences 4) Added a placeholder Ads Tab. 5) Fixed sorting error on Statistics List View when user clicks on column name to sort To Do List: Feature Requests 1) Ability to reciprocate allies gifts in kind (override saved gift preferences) 2) Ability to respond to Jet staffing requests 3) Track statistics for Allies you have already unfriended? 4) Dropdown option for gift preferences. 5) Removal of deadbeat Friends Bugs to Fix 1) log/receive button and send buttons do not always work(?) Planned Features 1) Graphing ability for Statistics 2) Webclient object attached to Ads Tab for loading Ads. 3) Detailed debugging messages for debuglog 4) Time Tracking for new friends added, so you can gauge more easily from the Statistics who should be removed
Source: ReadMe.txt, updated 2012-12-21

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