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  • This is an excellent Linux distribution - whether you are installing on old hardware or a new PC. I've installed this on three PCs: - Sony micro-PC VGN-UX180P with a 60GB SSD and 512MB RAM - Asus X205TA laptop with 32GB SSD and 2GB RAM - Acer Aspire-One Netbook with 120GB SSD and 2GB RAM With each of these, the installation was simple, except for the Asus, which is notorious for installing anything but Windows 10. LXLE has enough features for the novice, but for certain things, you'll want to add programs. I like the XFCE4 desktop environment, so I added that as a replacement for the LXDE desktop. Each computer runs as expected. I use each for a different task, although the Acer Aspire-One is the backup to the backup. The Sony VGN-UX180P was a test to see if I could get it running on that PC. I really like it on the Asus X205TA. It's fast. It doesn't spy on me, like Windows 10 does, and it handles all of my tasks, which run from Web browsing to writing to light duty audio recording/editing. I also had this installed on an older desktop PC running an Athlon III processor with 8GB RAM. Ran excellently on this PC, until I retired it. Running Manjaro on the new box - sorry.

  • comes with some nmice look but too many "console" features, and dont work in olders hardware, so nonsense to use it! due modern hardware work with all other linuxes! so much console programs.. for a hacker its good but hackers dont need "eye candy stupids thins"

  • I reviewed the Beta on You Tube and am flabbergasted, never has my flabber been so. A brilliant OS, it may come with a bundle of Software, but it does not feel heavy. It runs very quickly a must have OS for those wanting an OS to get on with everyday computer related tasks, outstanding

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  • Excellent operating system for my needs. Installed on a ssd in a Compaq Core2 Quad 2.66GHz and viewed on a 40inch lcd. Handles Wine and vm's quite well. Will not install on some later Windows machines due to secure boot.

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  • Best distro to bring new life to an old HP mini Netbook! All driver worked upon install. That was a first for some of the Netbook distros out there. Very satisfied with what I see with your hard work on this project. I now have a "new" fast mini with a new modern OS. I would highly recommend folks to take a test drive of this flavor. You will not be disappointed with what you find!

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  • The best distro ever. I've tried quite a few and hopped all around for a while, but LXLE can and does eat other distros' lunch. And breakfast and dinner too... maybe even Fourthmeal (Sorry, had Taco Bell for dinner....) too! Just recently went back to LXLE. I forgot how easy (damned easy) this distro makes my daily computing activities!

  • Fantastic , thank you.

  • Mint, LXLE and others does not work on old Thinkpads. Mine is a Thinkpad R50. Tried them "all". "Xubuntu 12.04 is the last of the family shipping with a non-PAE kernel. True, you can hack your way around, but from the official stand point, the vendor does not intend to support ancient processors beyond 2017." ( Most older distros are removed from downloads, no Xubuntu 12.04 anymore, also no torrent. Anyhow I succeded finding an Ubuntu 8.10 and it WORKS! Took hours to get there, upgrades are now pending.

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  • I used to use Lubuntu on older hardware, then I discovered LXLE! Wow what a nice, complete and well integrated distro. I love it! I added a few tweaks and now my old (circa 2006) laptop runs as new. Thanks LXLE.

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  • I love this distro. LXLE has been one of the classiest distros around for some time. Easy to use, light on resources, and beautiful. I have a monster of a self-built custom computer, and don't need a "lightweight" program of any kind, but I keep coming back to LXLE for my Linux based systems, because it's done right.

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  • Best distro for very old hardware ;) Runing very smoothly on 256MB is a miracle :)

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  • I have tried a suite of distros intended for lower power / older computers. I used to use lubuntu, where possible, due to the support and upkeep, but ive since decided that this is actually a bit better. This distro is very speedy, even on old hardware; even on old, already bad hardware like 2006 era celeron m laptops. It looks great though, they dont sacrifice usability for speed and to top it off it comes with a huge pile of useful programs preinstalled - I really think that if you're looking for a good distro for something old / weak this should be your first choice, though i daresay this would be good as a general purpose distro as well. If you cant get this to run on your old computer, then puppy linux is the next choice; its even more lightweight while retaining lots of useful stuff. But, if you can make this work id definitely recommend it first.

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  • Runs great on a 2.8Gz P4 with 2GB ram. It has breathed new life into this 2006 build.

  • I tried on my eMachine 355-M571G251lkk (double core CPU) with 1 G RAM, compared with Mint15 it was slightly faster but as soon as I opened more than one program, it showed obvious memory leak - the mouse cursor frozen or the drop-down menu clicked refused to show menu items apart from a grey box. Basically it is unusable so to speak. During installation, when the installation almost finished, the application frozen at 'copying installation logs'. I forced it to switch off. Is this the reason? I previously used Lubuntu without this problem. Later on I changed to Mint due to though Lubuntu a bit faster, it is apt to annoying problem like missing menu bar while Mint is more reliable and also fast enough.

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  • I am very impressed with the work and effort put into this distro. I wish there was a CD version alongside the DVD version because the laptops/PCs I want to use it on are quite old and lack DVD drives but are still good for browsing the web. (They will not boot on USB and even booting with a CD using PloP boot manager directing the remainder of the boot to a USB drive, has issues).

  • Has everyting you need right out of the box, & wrapped in a beautiful package too! I'm glad someone made lxde into a full on distro.

  • Love this distro. i have been using Ubuntu for several years on my aging Thinkpad and have recently been feeling the bloat. LXLE is very quick and has just the right applications installed. Just added a couple of things and now feel like I have the perfect setup. Thanks!

  • LXLE is very snappy, low on resources, full of useful software and looks very slick with the Greybird theme. It has an attractive "look and feel" to it. Kudos!

  • Very nice distro with light feel, and powerful applications. Just had to add a few of my favorite apps: Guake, Synapse, Pinta, Thunderbird, Bluefish Editor, DeadBeef, and Rhythmbox, Otherwise, everything was included and working beautifully together. In fact, I like it so much that I've already donated to the project!

  • Useful out of the box, Samba too, a nice surprise.

  • LXLE, has a Clean & Crisp Feel, Well put together. Nice Themes, Backgrounds are Wonderful. Quick Performance ! A Lot of Hard Work went into this Distro, And You can certainly tell ! Very Good Job ! I did not experiance any Shortcomings, & I have Tried & Used Literally Hundreds of Linux OS.. Got to say, Your On to Something Uniqely Special. I had written in on the Brainstorming Section, & Recieved a Very fast Response From LXLE.. That was Great, & They Addressed The Issue of Making A NON PAE Kernel.. LXLE... I Can't Wait !!! Will Be Passing Out Your name to Others for Sure .. Congrats !!!!!!

  • excelente distro!!!!! recomendo!!!!!!