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Short readme for now... Logon Script Manager (short LSM) allows you to do common logon things like mapping a drive and printer, doing files and directories operations, changing registry, environment, etc… without writing any scripts. All above items are called ‘objects’, and these objects are linked to profiles. Onto the profiles you can add some rules and validation logic, and even on the object itself you can have different rules and validation logic. LSM works with an independent agent, so once it has loaded the configuration from the LSM main DB it can work standalone. You can then configure the agent to update its information from time to time or do it manually from the console. The setup package contains everything you need. It installs a xampplite with the LSM web console and DB for a fast start. You find the client under the installation folder c:\xampplite\LSM_AGENT with the installation instructions and how to start using LSM. The folders Agent and Web Console hold the ZIP files for the manual installation. The install.txt holds all above installation information. If you need any help, post something in the forum and I will answer as soon as possible. Hope you find LSM useful. Sorry for the crappy info for the moment, but i have not much spare time whit my 6 months old baby boy right now ;-) Oh, maybe something to mention, when the agent is loaded, a message box will appear to show you how long i took to load. This box automatically disappears after 5 sec. This will be removed for the stable version.
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