Log4db2 is a logging utility for DB2 for LUW that uses SQL instructions with SQL PL code.

Its purpose is to provide an easy way to write messages from a SQL routine, with the possibility to query these messages directly from the database and view the generated output, allowing to monitor the progression of a process. This utility aims to reduce the time used for developing, testing, debugging and monitoring SQL routines, by centralizing the messages produced by the code.

The idea and architecture of this utility are based on the popular Java logging utilities, such as Log4j and slf4j/logback.

* Log4j [http://logging.apache.org/log4j]
* Logback/SLF4J [http://logback.qos.ch/] [http://www.slf4j.org/]

The license of the source code is "BSD 2-Clause license", and for the documentation is "FreeBSD Documentation license." With these two licences you are free to use, modify and distribute any part of this utility.


  • Based on the log4j architecture
  • Different log levels
  • Configurable logger levels
  • Independent configuration for appenders
  • Different type of appenders
  • Message pattern layout is configurable
  • Logger's hierachy to control the logger's level
  • Plugins system to create additional appenders
  • Completely configurable from the database
  • Configuration is changed dynamically
  • Sensitive information is not exposed
  • Traffic network is zero
  • Very low performance impact when a logger is not active
  • Easy administration
  • Configuration is stored in a memory cache
  • Maximum 3 levels of cascade calls
  • Installation is done with just the DDL / DML file
  • Written completely in SQL-PL
  • Transactions of short duration
  • Low quantity of lock generation
  • Commit independent - Autonomous transactions
  • Appender's configuration in XML documents
  • Frequent values cached in arrays to reduce IO

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Database, Testing, Logging

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