ANSI C functions and macros for flexible logging to files and other destinations.
It is modeled after the Log for Java library (, staying as close to their API as is reasonable.
Intended for use in time-space critical environments

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  • I am new to log4c. Could someone explain how can i use log4c to write logs to a log server? Thanks on advance.

  • /* user of version 1.2.{0,1}, in C project on Linux */ Log4c is fine for small project that can afford having configuration files. For larger project with a lot of processes it quickly becomes a pain to maintain thoses configuration files. And on-the-fly configuration was a pain with log4c I was disappointed by: * the use of mutexes in the logging handler, causing deadlocks when calling a logging function in a signal handler. * the strange behavior when overriding a category's logger (message dupplication). * the end-of-support and the no-answer received for support requests. * the removal of log4c from some big and official Linux distribution (i.e. Fedora Core 17) I found really easier to use the Gnome Library (GLib2.0) internal logging support. Now is my life easier, happier.

  • log4c is out of date, try zlog! http:[[

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