Lockscreen Pro's main feature is to lock your computer screen to not give other people access to it. You can simply unlock your computer with a password or an USB flash-drive. Every time someone enter a wrong password, Lockscreen will take a snapshot using your computers webcam. This will give you information about who tried to get into your computer.


  • USB unlock
  • Custom background
  • Webcam snapshots
  • Laptop battery status
  • Dim screen
  • SmartCover interface
  • 256bit AES encryption

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User Reviews

  • When you check 'Close after unlock', the 'Lock PC at program startup' needs to be auto unchecked, because as it is now, you can never get back into the settings when both are checked. Using 'Lock PC at program startup' can also completely lock someone out of their computer if they forget their password or someone changes the password in the C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\CubeApp...user.config file. DON'T use the 'Lock PC at program startup' option.

  • There is a measure loophole in this application, whenever user gives 2-3 continous wrong password it gives exception and this exception box contains quit button option, on clicking on this, application crashes and close outs and screen unlocks without correct password. And this is big breach of security of this app, And there is another bug that it do not able to take snap every time on every system. Please remove these bugs, then it can be best application of security.

  • Good and simple program, but does not WORK FOR MULTIPLE SCREEN...

  • Can u plz send me the source code i was looking for the similar one...

  • It doesn't work on my 64-bit computer. Installation fails. Intel i5, Windows 7

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