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4.0 2018-04-27
3.8 2018-01-30
3.6 2017-08-31
3.4 2017-03-31
3.2 2016-10-31
3.0 2016-05-31
2.8 2016-01-31
2.6 2015-09-01
2.4 2015-04-29
2.2 2015-04-29
2.0 2015-04-29
1.0.8 2015-04-29
1.0.6 2015-04-29
1.0.4 2015-04-29
1.0.2 2015-04-29
1.0.0 2013-03-22
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Welcome to the download directory for Linux Lite

Linux Lite is a free operating system. By producing an easy to use Linux based operating system, we hope that people will discover just how simple it can be to use Linux Lite.

  • Versions 4.0+ - 64bit only. 32bit ISO no longer available.
  • Versions 3.0+ - If the screen locks during Live mode, type linux into the user box and click on the Login button (no password required).
  • Versions 1.0.8 and above are available in both 32bit and 64bit (32bit uses the pae kernel)
  • Version 1.0.6 is available in both 32bit pae and 64bit.
  • Versions 1.0.0 - 1.0.4 are available in 32bit pae only.

Linux Lite

Release Information

  • For versions 1.0.0 - 1.0.4 the live login is root, there is no password (hit enter).
  • For versions 1.0.6+ login to the live desktop is automatic, no credentials are necessary.


Copy the iso image to a 2gb or larger USB stick using Etcher in Windows, Mac or Linux. You can download Etcher from here - Or, you can burn the Linux Lite iso to a DVD with your preferred DVD burning software. Some options are available for free DVD burning software from the Linux Lite Install Guide. In Linux, you can use the dd command: sudo dd if=linux-lite-x.x-xxbit.iso of=/dev/sdy bs=4M where 'y' is the letter of your usb stick and where 'x' represents your Linux Lite version. In linux to find out the letter of your usb stick, open a terminal and type: df -h It is usually listed as 'media' or similar.

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