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** libUTK ** libUTK is a toolkit that handles a lot of useful functions to manipulate ANSI capable terminals and makes easier to works with files under UNIX or UNIX-Like systems. libUTK was designed to be portable under all UNIXES and to be useful and easy to use. It can abstract a lof of UNIX system calls and Standard Libc functions to make easy to use them The main goal of libUTK is to be the best Text User Interface and Advanced Programming Toolkit library for Unix. The main language that uses this library is C, but in the future will have bindings to C++ and Python, and maybe for other languages. * Requeriments - GNU build tools (gcc, GNU make, etch) - Gnu Libc - An Unix-Like operating system (Linux, BSD, Mac OS , Solaris, etch) ** Build ** To build this the commands: - ./config - make - make install , should do all work!!! This library is under GNU GPL Author: Vinicio Flores <> See LICENSE for more information about license.
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