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1.0.19: - removed link to lib math as not needed (2013/10/29 MS) - reset key states when unpausing to prevent unwanted movement (2013/10/29 MS) 1.0.18: - added vertical delay option (2011/10/29 MS) 1.0.17: - shift block if rotation would fail because of boundary (2011/08/25 MS) - allow leaving game over screen by any key not only ESC (2011/08/22 MS) - made pause key configurable (2011/08/22 MS) 1.0.16: - improved random number generator (2011/03/02 MS) - generate pieces according to official Tetris guidelines (2011/03/02 Andrey Maykov) - always deal same sequence of pieces to all players (2011/03/02 MS) - in expert mode deal most unsuitable piece out of current bag instead of random piece (2011/03/02 MS) 1.0.15: - reenabled compiler option -Wall and fixed some warnings (20/09/10 MS) - renamed (unused) full non-ascii turkish and portugese localizations to prevent warnings (20/09/10 MS) - added italian localization (20/09/10 Kenyu) 1.0.14: - added missing include for locale (25/12/09 CT) - fixed too short size in several memset calls (25/12/09 MS) - increased range for horizontal block delay to 9 (24/12/09 CT) - fixed incorrect english (penalty instead of malus) (24/12/09 CT) - added XDG support (24/12/09 MS) 1.0.13: - enable block drop shadow per default (09/10/25 MS) - use translation independent chart ids (09/10/25 MS) - added swedish translation (08/08/26 NG) - added french translation and special character free pt and tr versions (08/04/06 JJ) 1.0.12: - added portugese translation (08/03/29 JJ) - removed -Wall from CC arguments for better portability (06/04/01 PM) - l10n of yes/no keys (05/10/10 R.S.) 1.0.11: - i18n support and german l10n added (05/10/04 M.S.) - smooth_hori is 0 by default (looks less nice but is better to handle) (05/10/04 M.S.) 1.0.10: - added configure option to let all lines, sent in one go to your opponents in a multiplayer game, have the holes at the same positions (05/02/14 K.M.) - adjusted size of game type names array (05/02/14 K.M.) - allow clearing keystate of all keys after a block insertion (05/02/14 K.M.) 1.0.9: - security issue fixed: a buffer overflow in the highscores file could be used to run code with another's user id (05/01/25 U.H.) 1.0.8: - added case '\0' (empty line) to fix reading the config file in windows (04/09/06 Murlock) 1.0.7: - added missing newlines which caused SDL error message not to be seen (03/05/14 P.H) - added range check for the starting level to prevent abnormally high scores when setting this level too high (03/05/14 P.H) - configure option --with-hiscore-path has been replaced with autoconf option --localstatedir (04/06/14 M.S.) - data files will be installed to $datadir/ltris instead of $datadir/games/ltris (04/06/14 M.S.) 1.0.6: - option added to give all players the same blocks in the same order for a multiplayer game when expert mode is off (03/01/19 M.S.) - if the next new block is the same as the current block the random selection is repeated only once (instead of until different) thus there may be several equal blocks in a row now (03/01/18 M.S.) - in expert mode there is now a 50% chance of balanced properties (03/01/18 M.S.) - bugfix: in mode 'figures' tiles and lines are no longer added while game is paused (03/01/18 M.S.) - changed URL from to (03/01/18 M.S.) 1.0.5: - windows manager's close button works (03/10/05 M.S.) - expert mode with unbalanced properties for next block to make it difficult to fit (03/10/05 chkno) 1.0.4: - fixed security holes created by improper use of sprintf (02/11/24 S.K.) 1.0.3: - option for asynchron collision check that allows to move a block below others though 'smooth drop' is enabled (02/07/25 M.S.) - config is now plain text (02/07/25 M.S.) - guiding lines implemented in addition to the helping shadow (02/07/20 I.v.L) 1.0.2: - changed 'wholes' to 'holes' (me no native speaker! but thanks goes to Pascal Hakim) - fixed a two-player bug where the wrong guy won if lines were sent (thanks to Jeff Shute) - option to modify audio buffer size to fix sound problems 1.0.1: -the clearance of the 'Down' key after inserting a block is now optional -preview boxes for two-player are now at the same height level -allowed more keys for controls (keypad, home, pos, end, pageup, pagedown, space) -highscores aren't overwritten when updating (thanks to Sean Holt) -adjusted chart so it can handle the CPU scores -CPU style/delay option instead of difficulty (better customization) -improved CPU (increased average score from 5,7 Mio to 583,6 Mio!) -added an option to disable the background change -opponent controls in 'Vs Human' no longer assigned to CPU -bonus score of a bowl is added directly after its game's over -default for animations set correctly -a multiplayer winner gains additional 50,000 score in the end 1.0: -menu improved -graphics improved -added AI -added three-player mode -rewrote engine (c++ --> c) -removed assembler code -fixed some minor warnings 010310: -added fullscreen option -fixed infinite loop in level 13 of 'advanced' game -score is counted faster -animations disappear faster -doesn't crash when config file comes from an older version 001115: -fixed various bugs -when paused only resume game if 'p' is pressed -fixed segfault in multiplayer mode (when Options/Game/Help was 'on') 001102: -added a 'drop' key -does not get so fast in the beginning -two game speeds (slow/normal) 001017: -fixed some bugs -optional block-by-block drop -added some missing '#include <string.h>' and newlines 001014: -smooth horizontal movement -segfault bug in multiplayer mode fixed -you can see where the block will touch the ground (optional) -sound is default (configure) 000930: -compatible with SDL version 1.1.5 or better -improved the installation 000705: -fonts improved -tile graphics improved 000422: -fixed a bug in the menu -added various backgrounds 000418: -added a multiplayer mode -improved some parts of the source code -released the source 000314: -added sound 000313: -initial public release -compiled for ix86
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