Leo is an outlining-oriented project manager and browser. With Leo you can organize programs, web sites, URL's, pictures or any other kind of data. Leo is fully scriptable in Python. Leo is 100% pure Python. It requires the Qt gui toolkit.

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  • I am a writer who was looking not for a programmer's editor, but for the "more" part. I found it. I have been using Leo for just over a decade and it has been the primary tool that has kept me organized and productive for all that time. I am drowning in information; making sure I can store it and find it again has been a huge boost to my creativity. It has allowed me to unclutter my mind and my memory so that I can focus without worrying about losing anything. Writing is all about the text. So is programming. At its core, Leo is an outliner, but not like any outliner I had ever used before. I highly recommend Leo to anyone, even non-programmers. If you feel you cannot keep pace with the flow of important information in your life, Leo is the tool to help you get a handle on that. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, Leo gives you the tools to stay organized and productive, placing the information you need at your fingertips right when you need it.

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  • previous comments are a little over dramatic. you can get help from the google group or irc #Leo on freenode get mini conda going with python then PIP Leo or grab a current from github. look for a self contained executable if you don't want to spend a few minutes following how to get python working. trust me, you'll want to know so you can script a little. install mini conda conda.io/docs/download.html#should-i-download-anaconda-or-miniconda follow along step by step after you start conda console note, you only have to install one python unless you want the full dev experience github.com/leo-editor/leo-editor/issues/688

  • Impossible to install. Various directions tell me to run one or another .exe, none of which I can find. Tell me to install prerequisites, then tell me one-click-does-all. Finally got a Leo shortcut on my desktop (target: C:\Python34\pythonw.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)\Leo-5.4\launchLeo.py", start In: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Leo-5.4\leo"). Double-click and the mouse icon spins briefly; nothing after that. Turns out that LEO assume a .py extension is associated with python (in my case it is not). So I finally got LEO up. It was touted as an IDE. After wading thru LEO in 10 minutes, text tutorials, videos (how ... slowly ... can ... I... read ... the ... words ... on ... the .., screen ... before ... I ... SCREAM.) I still have no idea how to enter and run a python program. Oh well.

  • This revolutionary Editor did not start. lol.

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  • Thanks for Leo, it's wonderful!

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