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  • I love this Distro ! Awesome ... good job.

  • Sincere gratitude for this project. It was past time to let go of my first computer, a Compaq Presario 2720us, P3. There are systems that run on it although "walk" is more accurate. Now that Legacy OS 2.1 is installed, it's better than it ever was. I feel good donating it to some child who might still get some use out of it. Not likely or possible without people such as you who think and DO and give for others that which selfish people take for granted. You represent the very BEST of the computer world! PUP ON!

  • LegacyOS2 screams on any computer I've put it on. A lot of us can't get XP anymore, like my friend who lives up the road from me. -He said he's seen nice things about Ubuntu on the Internet and knew I didn't have XP anymore. So we brought his computer over. I tried Ubuntu 14.04 on my buddy's 3ghz p4 (512meg of Ram), boy what a mistake! For one thing, you may as well be running a 486 with win98 on it, it crawled and froze more times than I could count. I finally had to pull the power cord because it wouldn't shutdown, and just sat there with a jumpy mouse pointer for what seemed like an eternity. And forget about installing it on anything less than a 4gig drive, it just choked and stopped on the first 'test' drive. I then loaded up Legacy-OS Gamer after we wiped Ubuntu. He said it was so RESPONSIVE, but later he decided he liked the "Home/Desktop" look of Legacy-OS 2.1 better, (the third time I loaded it on the 'test' drive.) -He said "Wow!" when he saw all the applications on the start menu; -"everythings built in!", and later, "Where did you FIND this?" -He wanted something for the Home and Family, rather than something to 'play around with'. -We added Wine and OpenOffice, to finish it off, and even themed it like 'XP'. I must say, he is as 'pleased as punch' and feels right at home, and said it screams compared to "U-bluntu" -He says: "eye-candy is pointless if its just going to crawl along... ...too much plumbing, and too few advantages". ...Later, I said about Microsoft and 'U-bluntu', "I guess they forgot about the rest of us when they moved on to 'hotter and heavier' machines, and left us REGULAR folks behind." Thank you LegacyOS! I've been using it for years, and I never stop finding useful things for it to do here at home, and its the fasted thing to next to XP, but better. ---Chip in Huron, Ohio. April 4, 2015. ................................................................................................................................................................ ..April 17, 2014 I've been using LegacyOS off and on up until a few years ago (LegacyOS 1, then Legacy OS 2) until I started using it full time to keep from throwing out my Windows 98 box (450Mhz, 512M ram, 4Gig HD, 32Gig Usb flash drive, DVD-Rom/CD-RW.). The family member who gave it to me said they spent 2,000 dollars for it at the time, with only the best they could get for then (pre-2000). I have long since lost my Win98 CD, and 'XP' would probably give me a lot of 'hickups' along the way for this machine, so I did a little research on linux and tried a couple dozen live CDs, and Puppy Linux ran the smoothest (in ram). LegacyOS looked nice and had everything I needed plus it had the real 'deal-breaker' for me that I had with all the other Linux Distros; -Games! (-Usually not enough games (or none.)); I think if you are going to have all that useful stuff (-productive stuff), then by-god, you can make room for some games. How can you expect us Windows users to migrate to Linux without a good bit of recreation. -You can't expect the rest of the family to warm up to a 'Productive and virus-free' desktop that they are forever crowing about without something in it for the family... I've been using LegacyOS 1 (I prefer the lighter looking classic windows-like desktop of OS1 to the darker modern looking LegacyOS2, or 2.1) for a couple of years now, and honestly, I haven't found anything that even comes close; certainly not the bloated Ubuntu, which has gotten so SLOW and resource hungry that it has become a pitiful windows 'wanna-be' on older machines instead of the 'contender' that it promised to be. To be blunt, Ubuntu is so SORRY looking on older machines that it has set back Linux 15 years! A black hole that it will never get out of! If it won't run right on older machines, then what's the point! -Not everyone can pony up 400 dollars at Walmart for an E-machine. Simply put, then, the game is over. Its so BAD on slower machines that It makes Windows look better than it is! So much for PROGRESS... it's a step back as far as I'm concerned. Well this computer and a few others I have wont be going to the landfill for a long time thanks to LegacyOS. As for my Ubuntu disks..., well that's another story. -Thank you for LegacyOS! it's sort of, a better 'windows' than windows... -Chip in Ohio.

  • Great software, thanks legacyoslinux

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