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This is the download location for source packages of the landshade library and for binaries of the accompanying startrails game for various target platforms. Usage information: - Linux: The static linux binaries require installation of SDL-1.2, OpenAL and a recent graphics driver with support for OpenGL 3 and OpenCL 1.1. - Windows The 32-bit Windows binaries require the free OpenAL library installed and a recent graphics driver. The sources for startrails are currently included in the landshade sources, but for building you will also need a matching version of one of the asset packages containing necessary data files. From the README: What it is ---------- landshade is a C++ library for quick tesselation of complex 3D data like terrain and other curves surfaces at different levels of detail. Build requirements ------------------ Required software installation depends on which parts of the library you want to to compile. For the core will need at least the following: -cmake 2.8 -Boost libraries 1.4.6 If you want to build the viewer you'll need: -OpenGL 3.x -OpenCL 1.1 As CPUs and GPUs are used for OpenCL computations simultaneously, it is helpful to have OpenCL ICDs for both platforms. On my system, for example, I installed the app sdk from amd's website for CPU support and the nvidia drivers to have hw acceleration. Perhaps you may also have to tell landshade where to find header files. See the toplevel CMakeLists.txt for more info. -Visualization Library 2011.09.1162 COLLADA plugin enabled -python 2.7 -Bullet physics 2.8.0 Bullet Demo and Extra libs have to installed. -GLEW 1.6 -OpenEXR 1.6.x -SDL libs 1.2 -guichan 0.8.2 -Collada 1.4 DOM 2.3.1 Also, for compiling startrails the following is necessary: -ghc 7.6 installed cabal packages: reactive-banana-0.7, MissingPy-0.10.7, Linear-0.6 If you consider using the 'interactive-console' script to enter python commands, I recommend using the ipython package which offers command completion. Blender 2.6 with support for exporting collada files was used for model design. There are also backends which are a bit older and/or not under active development. If you need parts thereof, here is a list of additional things you might need: -exrtools -graphicsmagick -glut If you would like to build documentation, you'd need doxygen. Build instructions ------------------ The following applies to building the source under a unix-style environment. Be sure to have an appropriate build system like gcc or MinGW installed. Enter the directory containing source files and type: 'mkdir build' 'cd build' 'cmake ..' To build all, type: 'make' To build the only startrails target, you can alternatively type 'make startrails-bin' If the build was sucessful you can enter the parent dir again: 'cd ..' Quick introduction ------------------ UNIX-like (e.g. Linux): './startrails' demo game :) Instructions are in-game. './terrain-editor' opens an interactive python console where you can alter some aspects of the engine via scripting and use graphical sliders to change parameters of the terrain generator in real time. Press Esc to switch to console, and type `loop()' to active graphical output again. Windows: './startrails.bat' Installation ------------ There is no installation yet. Application data has be located either inside the working dir or the path pointed to by the enviroment variable LANSHADE_ROOT.
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