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This document summarizes changes made in all releases starting with 0.90. Starting with version 1.4, the Kieker ticket system (accessible via http://kieker-monitoring.net) contains details on the changes. Please refer to the Kieker User Guide for details on using Kieker. * 1.8 (October 16, 2013) - New features (selection) - Data Bridge: Facility to connect Kieker's Java core with other platforms - New reader plugin that provides the current system time in regular intervals - New TCP writer and reader - Acceleration/slow-down factor for real-time replayer - Minor changes to the record API - Additional method for binary (de)serialization - `TYPES` field now public - Many record types no longer `final` (eases custom extensions) - Bug fixes and improvements to code, performance, tests, build scripts, documentation, examples - Various improvements to the WebGUI (see separate `HISTORY` file) * 1.7 (April 17, 2013) - Major changes - Adaptive monitoring: extended set of (de)activation patterns to support adaptive monitoring for custom probes. Before: limited to (de)activate monitoring for operation signature patterns. - New file system writers supporting (ZIP) compression - Minor modifications to the Kieker.Analysis API: 1. Removed the `register` methods. Registration now implicit by passing context information to the plugin constructors. A legacy mode for the previous API is included in this version. 2. Analysis projects can now have properties available to the plugins. - Bug fixes and improvements to code, tests, documentation, examples - Various improvements to the WebGUI (see separate `HISTORY` file) - Infrastructure: - Kieker releases now also published via Maven Central Repository (http://search.maven.org/) - Completely redesigned web site: http://kieker-monitoring.net - Live demo at http://demo.kieker-monitoring.net * 1.6 (October 17, 2012) - Major changes - Web-based UI for editing and running analysis projects (beta version) - Adaptive monitoring: (De)activate monitoring on method signature level at runtime based on signature patterns - Restructured and extended graph/visualization filters (trace coloring, tooltips etc.) - Log rotation for file system writer - Logging API: SLF4J support and logger selection via JVM argument - Many new AspectJ-based probes for detailed event-based tracing - Refactored realtime replayer based on new re-usable filters (realtime delay, record logger etc.) - Java EE example: Now included in core binary release archive and based on MyBatis JPetStore deployed to Jetty server - Definition of configuration properties and default values for analysis plugins and repositories now annotation-based - Removed legacy control servlet (JMX interface should be used instead) - Quality - Bug fixes - Added a number of (JUnit) tests * 1.5 (April 13, 2012) - Major new features - Completely reworked pipe-and-filter framework in Kieker.Analysis - Use of Java annotations to specify plugins, repositories, input/output ports etc. - Support for multiple readers - Load and save configurations from/to .kax files (based on a new meta-model specified using Ecore) - Basic tools to execute/visualize .kax files - New database writer/reader supporting arbitrary record types - Support for immutable record types - New binary filesystem writer/reader - New print stream writer - New re-usable filters (tee, counting, timestamp etc.) - Complete method signatures used in probes/records for control-flow tracing - New record types/probes for event-based tracing (method call, entry, exit etc.) - Re-enabled Java 5 support - Removed dependency to commons.logging - Additional Kieker Jar usable as javaagent for AspectJ-based instrumentation - Quality - Bug fixes - Added a number of (JUnit) tests * 1.4 (October 14, 2011) - Features: - JMX monitoring reader and writer - JMS support for ActiveMQ and HornetQ (in addition to OpenJMS) - Enable/disable flushing of FS Writers - Configurable shutdown delay for asynchronous writers - Configurable Servlet parameters for periodic samplers - Direct support for asynchronous analysis - Java 5 no longer supported - Refined Microbenchmark (+ SPEC macro-benchmark configuration) - Bug fixes/Improvements to sources and documentation - Code quality - Code cleanup - Coding conventions - Javadoc cleanup - Integrated static analysis tools Findbugs, Checkstyle, and PMD - Integrated test coverage tool - Resolved Java warnings - Licensing - Added license headers to source files - Added licenses for third-party libs - Documentation - Extended Java EE Servlet container example to Windows - Fixes in user guide (examples) - Extended JMS example to ActiveMQ and HornetQ (including Windows) - Release archives - Eclipse project files (Kieker project can be imported without copying the default files) * 1.3 (May 19, 2011) - Added support for periodic samplers - Added support for monitoring system-level statistics based on the Sigar API - MonitoringController no longer restricted to singleton instance - Added support for custom time sources - Improved configuration management - Added named pipe reader/writer (for passing monitoring records directly within same JVM) - MonitoringController accessible as JMX MBean - API changes - The format of the kieker.monitoring.properties changed! - Custom writers will need to be adjusted to a changed interface - Minor changes in the MonitoringController interface * 1.2 (Sep 8, 2010) - Minor bug-fixes and refactorings (e.g., renaming Kieker.Tpmon/Tpan->Kieker.Monitoring/Analysis ) - Further enancements to trace analysis tool (e.g., analysis and visualization features providing software assembly- and deployment-level views) - Improved documentation, e.g., brand-new user guide with examples! - Improved Windows support (e.g., wrapper scripts) * 1.1 (March 04, 2010) - Improved implementation of trace analysis tool - internal meta-model, on-the-fly trace reconstruction, ... - Analysis features: Output of reconstructed system model, computation of trace equivalence classes, ... - Enhaced visualization features, e.g., - hierarchical dependency graphs (operation-, component-, container-level), - call graphs * 1.0 (Nov 18, 2009) - Minor changes to Kieker's architecture - Bug fixes * 0.95a (Jul 09, 2009) - Considerable improvements to Kieker's architecture, e.g. - Generalized/extensible monitoring record model (more than executions) - Generalized/extensible writer model (more than database and filesystem) - Integration of monitoring and analysis data model - Major refactorings - First release containing core parts of the analysis component Tpan * 0.91 (Apr 27, 2009) - Aspects are in @Aspect style - Adapted to operate with Java 6 - Maven build support - Monitoring support for the spring framework with soap, CXF WebService stuff - More efficient internal data structures and processing - Distributed monitoring * 0.6 (Jul 30, 2008) - Added a new test for load-time weaving without Java annotation using full instrumentation * 0.5 (May 08, 2008) - first sourceforge release
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