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  • Project is very useful and robust. In Android version finding the default database is crude and clumsy.

  • The one and only (free) password manager. I use it on my PC and Android devices.

  • I like the idea - but it's for the more advanced user. It has it's pros and cons.

  • 1.x branch is most useful, the DotNet one... not for me thanks

  • I've used this password manager on my iOS devices and Windows devices. When I save the dbase file on a cloud-based drive (OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud), it's a fantastic set up. I happily donated to the company. Revised: Feb./17. and that's still the case. Revised August/17... it's a beefy program! My only regret is having a lack-luster 3rd-party KeePass app for my iOS devices... Ah well.

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  • Muito bom! Very good!

  • can any one tell software and hardware requirement of keypass

  • best tool for password management

  • Its incredibly good :)

  • Linux Mint 17 and ubuntu derivatives user. The program is the best i have used until now. I liked it so much that now i show it and install it to evryone i know. Family already using it :) Answer to : scumcoder. its been developed just fine. You are mistaken. Please update your post or delete it.

  • Only problems I have is when using a remote password repository (so I can have one pw file accessed by several computers). If the network fails or the file is moved recovery of the setup is a bit clumsy. The search needs a invoke/close button.

  • Good work guys!

  • Unbelievable tool. We need passwords almost in everything we do. All I need to remember now is the master password for KeePass Password Safe and can feel my passwords are safe as well.