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KFramework README Design and Programming: Alejandro Vazquez, Ke Li Programming: Chris Backas, Behaven Patel, Liliana Baron, Marisela Islas, Xavier Gonzalez, Josep Bernal KFramework 3.0 1MARCH2013 ---------------- * FULL XML transport, for any type in object, including binaries, images, lists ect * Suports multiple PU for domain objects * JPA build time enhancements * Demo loading images to objects, no backend code changes needed to add images! * generic export button * better scrolling for large large result sets ... 10 ,000+ * transaction control is now user controlable and allows more than one EntityManager at one time and trx * better handling simultaneous sessions * redid server session/pom control * transactions eparated from sessions * No separate JDBC connections,,, * added pre post to controller * added new number format with no formatting for code * New object to controll dialog lifecycle. Now dialogs an be coded with just a few lines, just pass the screen and the PDC object KFramework 2.2 Not released * URGENT Fixed: Fixed issue with sql connections not being closed properly in server * Fixed: Entity and db connections no longer cached, avoid max connection error, not justified any more. Session will be kept as it is used in many cases. * Enhanced: Sublog size separated from main log size * Fixed: Logon denied messasge not clear fixed * Fixed: Slow applet communication due to multiple unecessary GET xxx.class for each transaction. Added missing lib to applet/jsp. KFramework 2.1 10DIC2011 ---------------- * NEW ver2: Multiple cluster high availability cluster * Enhanced ver2: Swing dialog lifecycle redesigned and simplified * Enhanced ver2: Data Tables lifecycle redesigned and simplified * Enhanced ver2: Main menu coding reduced to 1 line * Enhanced ver2: All native Database connections shared with JPA * Enhanced: fixed browser failure handling * Enhanced: Automatic cursors wait handling * Enhanced: Full support for international currencies and dates * Enhanced: Now delivered as MAVEN projects * FIXED: Issues of flickering for new Swing handling of modal windows * Enhanced: Log Component * Enhanced: More examples on server logic * FIXED: KException gets into infinite loops * FIXED: table column data type not passed properly to client due to JDBC driver bug * Enhanced: New manual KFramework 1.4.9 18AUG2011 ---------------- * NEW: Support for automatic optimistic record updating/locking using object version ids. See manual. * Changed: getEntityTransaction() changed to getEntityManager() for clarity... * Changed: DropDown will always load all hidden columns be default and clear the combo every time its loaded * Changed: On materialize and Visualize, the additional component list is now mandatory, to avoid errors. * Enhanced: Default Date format was changed to transport date _and_ time, no API change. It allows for other calendar/time controls with time. * Fixed: The mapper will skip unknown controls. The mapper now checks any control, including third partie's for mapping. * Fixed: DB Changes of one user will delay to be reflected in another user: PersistentObjectManager clears caches on every service. KFramework 1.4.8B1 11AUG11 ---------------- * Fixed: datasource config issue in demo project where glassfish will not reload the server unless undeployed. KFramework 1.4.8B 8AUG11 ---------------- * New: Using checkboxes examples * New: Added automatic support for radio button groups * New: Sending mail example * Enhanced: dbTransactionClass in client does not require session params any more * Enhanced: Tree tool API simplified for usage, corresponding manual section redone. * Fixed: Database dumps and scripts have systemlog message field too short. Field size adjusted. KFramework 1.4.8A 19JUL11 ---------------- * Enhanced: Tweaked some PLAF settings for better window looks * Enhanced: Browsers now have intercalating colors for each row * Fixed/Enhanced: POM.execute() had a materializing bug, also now it returns the object received * Fixed: Repainting tables from background threads repaints UI root: Table's refresh() now only repaints the table KFramework 1.4.8 13jul11 ---------------- * New: New graphics and cosmetics on all dialogs * New: Example of many to many relationship, more objects, more flows, more dialogs * New: Added example setting validations, type and size to fields in the sample_facturaClass business object, see how widgets automatically use it, don't put business validation on the screen (UI). * Mod: ActiveObjectClass moved to KFramework.base package to allow use in client * Fixed: Concurrent Excep errors on shutdown: Added wait for threads to stop before resource release. * Fixed: Desktop too slow in Redhat 4-5 browser or applet viewer: Issue in java's nimbus look and feel. Removed Nimbus as default Look and Feel. * Fixed: Multiple issues with database dumps: Published dumps were incorrect. Sorry, we changed our release quality check. * Fixed: Some issues materializing currency fields: Changed defaults from [$ 0.00] to [%0.00] * Fixed: Referential integrity engine infinite loop in some PDC hierarchies: * Fixed: Tested on more linux distros with firefox KFramework 1.4.7A 29jun11 ---------------- * Fixed: Referential integrity error deleting invoices in the demo, because of field name change KFramework 1.4.7 28jun11 ---------------- * NEW/SIMPLIFIED: Server redesigned to run on only 1 WAR file. No more JEE EAR or EJBs. Server 100% Standards compliant now. Server API not changed, just the container. JPA and persistent model API not changed. * New: Tutorial now includes batch process, audit trial, Authorization/Authentication mailer and table browser reference. KFramework 1.4.6D 24jun11 ---------------- * Fixed incorrectly written auto close cursor function * Renamed some classes using Capital convention to xxxClass convention * Moved user's batch processing to POM, added example of batch processes * Batcher started automatically with listener in WAR * Reconstructed webservices KFramework 1.4.6C 8jun2011 ---------------- * Fixed release 1.4.6, fixed some build.xml for Netbeans 7.0 released version KFramework 1.4.6B 7jun2011 ---------------- * Fixed release 1.4.6, included demo applet was version 1.4.5 with out table widgets KFramework 1.4.6 26may2011 --------------- * NEW API to make browsers read/write with combos, calendars and custom cell widgets * Fixed Max cursors in oracle with people using the browser and reports only * Enhanced Flush Dangling Cursors function on databaseClass * Enhanced DesktopInterface function returns JDesktop * Fixed execute funtion of POM not working Tuturial 1.19 11may2011 ---------------- * Updated manual: Explained in more detail how the server interacts, plus other details Always check for the lates manual here: KFramework 1.4.5 9may2011 ---------------- * API Frozen, efforts now on estability, internationalization and super cluster * Renamed some printing api methods * Fixed signer bat to avoid security warnings on startup in browser * Simplified - Config file of client now is included as resource, parameter in JSP removed. * Tutorial completed with graphing * Tutorial completed report engine * LIMS data navigator provided with full graphing examples Oracle & Sqlserver * LIMS reproter sample with dynamic data navigator Oracle & Sqlserver * LIMS reproter sample with full report engine samples Oracle & Sqlserver KFramework 1.4.4 - not released * Both ORACLE and SQLSERVER dumps provided with demo data * Tested with free Oracle10G Express & free Microsoft SQLSERVER 2005 Express * Materialization support for BigDecimals, used by NB on entity objects * Fixed recognize american vs euro date format * Fixed negative numbers not recognized for some locales: accepted (123) or -123 * Simplified - removed SampleConfig site. SampleServer war now hosts everything * Simplified - shipped example preconfigured for c:\opt /opt KFramework 1.4.3 march 14th ---------------- * Full sample tree view implementation * Added api to tree viewer to set root node label * Changed TreeView api to allow default popup menu to be more customizable * Fixed top labels of browsers for proper resizing of internal frames * Removed default text field max size of 50chars, more troubles than convenience * Magnus locations not hardcoded * Server magnus changed location * Fixed user edit missed isadmin combo * Sample autocalculation labels from browser data KFramework 1.4.2 feb21 ---------------- * Tutorial: Added clarification on the different kinds of comboboxes * Reference Manual: Delayed to end of feb KFramework 1.4.2 feb10 ---------------- * Added example for bound combo boxes * Simplified createNew object is now optional * Fixed custom renderer in table loosing formatting when using custom hook Manual and Tutorial * tutorial/ref Added entry on naming conventions for fields/db columns * tutorial/ref Explained bound combo boxes KFramework 1.4.1 ---------------- * removed obsolete PDC objects in sample client * Fixed some spanish in some windows * Fixed concurrent exception on shutdown * Added new, edit, delete to selector dialog * Fixed sample client class pk error, no pk strategy defined in PDC * Added browser hook demo * Added editor demo data bound label to different object * Added selector demo * Added date picker demo KFramework 1.4.0 ---------------- * Initial public release with sample project and few examples
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