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What's new in Juffrou 2.1.3 Improvements to Juffrou-reflect - added support for virtual properties, i.e. no actual property, but getter and setter methods present. Advancements towards compatibility between JuffrouBeanWrapper and SpringFramework's BeanWrapperImpl New in Juffrou 2.1.2 juffrou-reflect Module: JuffrouBeanWrapper.getNestedBeanWrapper can now receive a nested path as parameter. juffrou-xml-spring Module: new JuffrouSpringBeanWrapper is the Spring framework's BeanWrapper implementation using JuffrouBeanWrapper. New in Juffrou 2.0.10 juffrou-reflect Module: Nested BeanWrappers now have reference to their parent and nestedBW.getBean() or setBean(...) return or set the value of the parent wrapper property. juffrou-xml-spring Module: JuffrouXmlSpring extends JuffrouXml and can now be parameterized as a bean. JuffrouMarshaller may be configured with a juffrouXmlSpring property or mapping location properties.
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