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Jelly SMS --------- http://www.jellysms.com mailto:support-desktop@jellysms.com --------------------------------- Cross-platform application to send text messages to any mobile using the free credits available via your eMobile, Meteor, Vodafone or O2 WebText or your VOIP account. --------------------------------- Copyright (C) 2006-2010 Finbarr Brady, Keith Flynn. --------------------------------- Please report bugs to: support-desktop@jellysms.com ---------- Jelly SMS 4.3.7 ---------- - Removed phone book import from certain operator sites due to incompatibility - Fixed Meteor.ie support - Added eMobile.ie support - Made startup more robust when checking database, or existing instance. - Fixed dictionary installation dialog. The dialog was not showing any dictionaries as available. - We no longer replace % symbols with "pc" and & symbols with "n". - Removed extra "+" symbol in destination number in delivery reports. - Added support for siptraffic.com - Added support for voicetrading.com ---------- Jelly SMS 4.3.6 ---------- - Fixed message sending on O2.ie after O2 website updates. - Added support for KwtSMS.com - Fixed my-cool-sms and added caller id support. - Fixed detection of errors if message sending fails. - Updated Meteor.ie support to send messages up to 480 chars in a single message. - Added warning if long messages (on O2.ie and Meteor.ie) will cost more than one credit. - Updated the phone book to allow 089 numbers. - Fixed selection of English dictionary if no other is selected. - Updated default font to "Arial, plain, 11". This font should support complicated languages like Arabic and Chinese on all platforms. - Added right-to-left text rendering for languages like Arabic. ---------- Jelly SMS 4.3.5 ---------- - Fixed Mac OS X Address Book compatibility with 10.5 (Leopard) ---------- Jelly SMS 4.3.4 ---------- - Fixed bug where groups were not getting saved - Improved number normalisation for Irish operators - Improved logging for Mac OS users ---------- Jelly SMS 4.3.3 ---------- - Fix for O2.ie site changes ---------- Jelly SMS 4.3.2 ---------- - Added support for Mac OS X Address Book - Minor bug fixes ---------- Jelly SMS 4.3.1 ---------- - Bundled Mac OS X app all within the .app bundle - Added message signature preference - For Three.ie users, we automatically remove the signature they add - Minor bug fixes for delivery reports window - Extra login UI validation added ---------- Jelly SMS 4.3.0 ---------- - Launch time has been reduced significantly - Delivery Reports for O2.ie users - Now launch browser URL's using the Desktop class ---------- Jelly SMS 4.2.6 ---------- - Improved update checker - Rebrand to Jelly SMS logos and icons - Removed startup slash screen for faster start time ---------- Jelly SMS 4.2.5 ---------- - Added phone book support for three.ie. - Added connectivity checks for three.ie. - Added the ability to hide the button toolbar. - Reduced the minimum size of the GUI. - Added preference to limit messages to a single text. - Fixed Vodafone Ireland remaining message parse - Fixed international SMS for Vodafone.ie users - Added support for My-Cool-SMS.com ---------- Jelly SMS 4.2.4 ---------- - Fixed Meteor login issues ---------- Jelly SMS 4.2.3 ---------- - Addressed problem where updates were not installing for some Windows users. ---------- Jelly SMS 4.2.2 ---------- - Better robustness when writing sent messages to the database. ---------- Jelly SMS 4.2.1 ---------- - Added support for Three.ie - Added preference to dock Jelly SMS in the system tray or not. (Default on Mac OS X now is false) - Fixed bug importing contacts from a Jelly SMS export file. - Fixed bug decoding HTTP responses. - Fixed launch issues on Mac OS X (requires full manual download as fix is in the Mac .app file) - Fixed bug downloading contacts from Meteor website. ---------- Jelly SMS 4.2.0 ---------- - Updated Jelly SMS to use Java 1.6. - Added Jelly SMS to the system tray/notification area. - Added ability to ignore mis-spelled words or add them to the dictionary from the spell check popup menu. - Added ability to cancel messages while they are being sent. - Message history is now remembered from previous runs of Jelly SMS. - Added drag and drop support when adding to groups in the phone book window. - Fixed bug where Jelly SMS could not be run using a HTTP proxy. - Added new language dictionaries. - Added image files to installation. ---------- Jelly SMS 4.1.5 ---------- - Added Java version check. Jelly SMS must be run in the Sun Java 6 Runtime Environment from now on. ---------- Jelly SMS 4.1.4 ---------- - Fixed bug in automatic update. ---------- Jelly SMS 4.1.3 ---------- - Reimplemented all HTTP communications code to achieve greater reliability. - Added parsing of the customer's user name from Vodafone accounts. - Fixed import of O2 contacts which have apostrophes in the contact name. - GMail import now works better when a contact has multiple phone numbers. - Removed Meteor statusbar tooltip as it was showing garbage. - Added buttons to some Help dialogs to open webpages. - Disabled automatic update for PowerMac users. ---------- Jelly SMS 4.1.2 ---------- - Improved accessibility for the visually impaired. Jelly SMS has been tested using the JAWS screen reader software. NOTE: The Java Access Bridge must be installed for this to work. http://java.sun.com/javase/technologies/accessibility/accessbridge/ - Added new 'View' menu which lets users view contacts in a sidebar (Full) view or in the classic way (simple). A button has been added for this to the tool bar also. - Added support for more VoIP websites. - The O2 address book import has been fixed - Voip account holders can now specify a phone number at login to receive replies back to. - Changed behaviour of the File> Change User item. It will now totally log the user out. - Improved import address book code to handle duplicates better. - Fixed bug where + signs were showing in the user name for O2 users instead of spaces (in Jelly SMS title bar). - Updated the caret colour to match the foreground text colour. - Updated the Meteor account info that is shown in the tooltip at the bottom left of the status bar. - Fixed bug where failed logins were not being reported for Meteor users. - Jelly SMS can now be assigned to a Mac OS Leopard Space ---------- Jelly SMS 4.1.1 ---------- - O2 users can now import huge address books from their O2 Address Book (> 12 contacts). ---------- Jelly SMS 4.1.0 ---------- - Fixed Address Book import for O2 users. ---------- Jelly SMS 4.0.9 ---------- - Fixed O2 to work with new site layout including ability to send 1000 character texts in one go. - Added better verification for sent messages for O2 users. A future update will do this for other operators. - Sent messages will now appear on the O2 website as well as in the Jelly SMS history menu. - Added right click functionality to contacts in the phone book which allows for adding contacts to new or existing groups and delete/remove options. - Fixed problem reporting remaining credits for O2 users. - Mac users: fixed problem where Jelly SMS wasn't coming into focus when using Jelly SMS in a different 'Space'. - Added VoipCheap account support. This is in beta for us so please report any problems to support-desktop@jellysms.com ---------- Jelly SMS 4.0.8 ---------- - Mac users will now have the toolbar on the top of the screen giving the app a more native feel. - Added 'Clear history...' function to the History menu. - In the Phone Book you can now delete multiple contacts at once. - In the Phone Book you can now remove multiple contacts from a group at once. - When sending to a group, you will now not see the 'test' dialog that previously was shown for each recipient. - Fixed bug where history function was not functioning correctly when sending to groups. - Reverse history. ---------- Jelly SMS 4.0.7 ---------- - Fixed contacts import from Meteor website. - Fixed automatic update mechanism. ---------- Jelly SMS 4.0.6 ---------- - Fixed message sending for Vodafone users. ---------- Jelly SMS 4.0.5 ---------- - Fixed bug where sending a text to a manually entered number caused Jelly SMS to lock up. - Restored sending of messages to groups. - Added ability to start Jelly SMS specifying the login details on the command line. To invoke, use the following format java -jar Jelly SMS.jar <Meteor|Vodafone|O2> <login> <password> ---------- Jelly SMS 4.0.4 ---------- - Disabled addition of new groups as the code required the use of a Java 6 Virtual Machine. - Fixed problem where texts sometimes wouldn't send. - Added system information to the About Box. ---------- Jelly SMS 4.0.3 ---------- - Added a phone book manager and a button to launch it from the main screen. Multiple contacts can added to a group by drag and drop or multi-selection. - Redesigned Login window. - Added ability to export and import contacts (great for backing up your phone book). - Contacts can be searched by typing their name. - Updated message window and made background colours configurable, just like the fonts are. - Added message log showing message history since Jelly SMS was launched. - Updated Jelly SMS to work with Meteor's latest website update - Fixed bug where user could only enter a manual number up to 10 digits long (needed for O2 users). - Updated installer and "About" box images and fixed bug where the installer crashed on certain Linux platforms. - Temporarily removed broken "sendToGroups" functionality. ---------- Jelly SMS 4.0.2 ---------- - Added auto-selection capability to the contacts dropdown - Added ability to import contacts from: * your mobile operators website * GMail contacts * Microsoft Outlook (Windows users only) - Updated the main GUI to retrieve the remaining credits for O2 users after they log in. - Added ability to remove the background image from the SMS text area. ---------- Jelly SMS 4.0.1 ---------- - Fixed bug when the number of SMS(s) to be sent was not being calculated correctly. - Fixed bug where Meteor was sometimes falsely reporting a failed login. - Added facility to allow the user change the fonts used by Jelly SMS. Feature can be accessed via Tools->Preferences in the "Display" tab. - Added sample logging properties file to distribution to aid with debugging. - Added option to have the contact automatically unselected after a message is sent. - Fixed bug where modifications made to the phone book were not being reflected in the group chooser. - Updated to work with Vodafone's revamped website. ---------- Jelly SMS 4.0.0 ---------- - Jelly SMS will now automatically update and install new releases. - Updated connectivity checking and failure handling. - Added progress information when sending messages. - Fixed bug where the default spell checker was not being enabled if it was not explicitly selected the preferences dialog. - Added ability to manually enter phone numbers. - Added ability to undo and redo edits to messages. - Resized buttons and enhanced the look and feel of the main window. - After the user successfully logs into Jelly SMS, we will show the user's name in the title bar and the remaining credits in the status bar. - Enhanced "About" dialog and added privacy statement. - Many bug fixes. ---------- Jelly SMS 3.3.4 ---------- - Fixed bug where phone book and preferences dialog was not opening on some platforms (e.g. Linux). ---------- Jelly SMS 3.3.3 ---------- - Fixed bug where Meteor accounts were not sending texts and not showing an error. - Fixed bug where Vodafone accounts would not send second part of multiple messages. - Added ability to install and uninstall dictionaries. - Enhanced connectivity check to detect and diagnose network problems: 1) Test Internet connectivity. 2) Test connection to operator website. 3) Test login to operator website. - Added progress dialogs that inform what is happening when update and connectivity checks are running. - Moved Group Chooser to be accessed via a button on the phone book. - Enhanced layout of Group Chooser dialog. - Fixed bug where character count was set to zero if you changed users with text already typed in the text area. - Added ability to read this README file from "Help" menu. ---------- Jelly SMS 3.3.2 ---------- - Added ability to invoke Jelly SMS from the command line: Usages are: * To launch the Jelly SMS GUI: java -jar Jelly SMS.jar * To print usage information: java -jar Jelly SMS.jar help * To clear preferences (WARNING: This will delete your phone book!): java -jar Jelly SMS.jar clearPrefs * To send a text from the command line: java -jar Jelly SMS.jar <Meteor | Vodafone | O2> <login> <password> <destinationNo> <message> [<proxyHost> <proxyPort>] - Added spell checker. It can be enabled to check the text as you type and/or just as the text is being sent. To add new dictionaries download the required dictionary (for free) from the OpenOffice wiki (http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Dictionaries) and save it in the Jelly SMS/dictionaries folder. Note that currently the dictionaries must be in a .zip archive. We will provide an automated mechanism for installing new dictionaries in the next release. - Updated the installer to fix the issues people have had trying to find the correct Java JVM to use. Jelly SMS should now work with any Java Virtual Machine (JVM) version 5 or greater. - Provided an Apple Mac OSX DMG installer. - Added buttons for controlling spell check functions. - Added button to clear text area. - Fixed bug that preventing O2 users from sending to international numbers. - Fixed problem when Meteor and Vodafone customers were not being shown the number of texts remaining. - Removed download of Meteor address book as it hadn't been working since Meteor revamped their website. We will look into restoring this functionality in a future release. - Proxy settings can now be set via the preferences dialog. And there is now also a button that allows you to test the Internet access. A connectivity check also happens in the background after the user logs in. - Added ability to change the look and feel of Jelly SMS. This lets you change the app from using the default Java look and feel (called "metal") to look like an app native to your Operating System. The number of different look and feels available will depend on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) you are using. - User preferences are no longer stored in config files. This is important for Vista users, as a default unmodified Vista installation will not allow a Java app write to the hard drive. Preferences are now saved on a per user basis, so each user can set Jelly SMS up in the way that suits him/her. - Added GUI window for editing the phone book. - Added a tooltip to show the selected contact's phone number when the mouse hovers the contacts drop down. - We now correctly store dialog sizes (on a per user basis) and will restore each dialog (and the main app) in the same position it was in when it was closed. - We now support proper logging. If you are experiencing any problems, we can use this as a debugging aid. ---------- Jelly SMS 3.3.1 ---------- - Fixed bugs sending texts for both meteor and O2 customers. - Fixed the MAC OS X installer. ---------- Jelly SMS 3.3.0 ---------- - Added native text ending support for O2 customers. ---------- Jelly SMS 3.2.3 ---------- - Added native text ending support for Vodafone customers. - Updated installer. ---------- Jelly SMS 3.2.2 ---------- - Added warning about native support for O2 and Vodafone customers. - Added installer. - Added dialog to change user preferences. - Added ability to change users. - Updated images and backgrounds to the text area. - Bug fixes. ---------- Jelly SMS 3.2.1 ---------- - Fixed parsing of remaining texts after send after Meteor updated their website. This was causing us to report that the Meteor website was down. - Added preference to disable the automatic update check on startup. - Fixed bug to enable the send button after a re-login. ---------- Jelly SMS 3.2.0 ---------- - Added Send Button - Added Support for Section Dividers in Phone Book. If name sorting is enabled, each individual section will be sorted separately. - Added Menubar to the GUI. - Added Update Checker
Source: README.txt, updated 2011-04-18

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