Jot was developed primarily as a good general purpose editor for maintenance of source and plain-text documentation files.

In CAD usage, for example, there is frequently a requirement to cross-reference between several different files referring to the same project. CAD design-flows often employ simple plain-text interfaces between individual flow elements, especially when there is more than one CAD vendor. These files can get *very* large or, sometimes, design data are distributed over hundreds of moderately-sized files.

There is frequently a requirement to cross-reference two or more such files to follow an error message or extract some nugget of information, jot is particularly well suited to this kind of analysis application.


  • - Tidy handling and display of tabular text, especially spreadsheets.
  • - A useful library of command scripts.
  • - Supports unicode.
  • - Minimal use of magic modes and similar trickery.
  • - Hash-table support - many uses, mostly to do with speeding access to large and/or complicated documents.
  • - Text can be tagged with colours or metadata.
  • - Can perform arithmetic and logical operations on values picked up from the text, use values to control loops and push results back to text
  • - Good support for abnormally long lines.
  • - Has a useful document-processing facility - formats paragraphs, maintains headings, interfaces to an external spell-check agent.
  • - Recovery of a session following a power failure etc.
  • - Useful debugging environment.
  • - High capacity - OK for CAD files etc can index and segment overlarge files.
  • - Supports mouse-driven interfaces

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