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  • I sincerly assume this software the perfect app I ever tried! => check this webiste for Free Gift Cards :

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  • CSharpJExcel is clearly not tested. The first thing i did was opened a workbook from file, removed one of two sheets, and saved it out. But both sheets still existed. Looking at the source, I see ArrayList was used (seriously, not generic List?), and Remove(index) is called. Um... the ArrayList is of sheets, so you're asking it to remove an integer from a list of sheets. ugh. Should be RemoveAt. I immediately lost confidence and moved to NPOI.

  • Hello, when i try to use your source on android (4.4) i get stucked adding more photos to sheet. Thing is, i have multiple photos like "tmp1.png", "tmp2.png" etc. I add them in array of files and array of WritableImages, but when i want to write them i get written just the last photo, it's realy disturbing because i can't find way around.

  • Thanks for updates ;)

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  • Very useful. Thanks.

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  • A really great API to use that is very developer friendly. The API it self uses simple function names that make it almost self evident on what its supposed to do. The support on various versions of excel files is amazing and I have not had any trouble (never tried anything very complex though) but it suited my needs each and every time and worked.

  • Can you please let us know whether the latest downloads for CsharpJexcel supports for MS Office Excel 2007 and 2010 for .xlsx format files.

  • Can you please let us know when eXcel 2007 / 2010's XLSX format will be supported? Thanks in advance

  • Amazing job, thanks a ton for telling

  • Very good work!!! Excellent!

  • JExcel is an excellent API to integrate with PeopleSoft application to create Excel documents. A series of tutorials on this is available below <a href=></a>

  • CsharpJExcel is pretty much useless. There is no documentation and it is NOT a straight port. /waste of time.

  • POI has caught and passed JExcel

  • Clean API. Handles formulas well. Ditched POI for JExcelApi.

  • a great tool. thanks.

  • Excellent lightweight excel library for java