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iSpeak4u Description: iSpeak4u is a pyQt based application specially designed for autistic or non communicative child. It implements a form of augmentative and alternative communication that uses pictures and sounds to communicate. The children are given set of favourite pictures and activities. They can form sentences using pictures and the application makes words and sentences for them. The main window has a top container part and below image set part. User can select a category by clicking its name and then select the desired picture inside it. Drag the picture to the above container. After collecting the picture click the “play” button on top of the application. The images and sound files are stored in the home folder of the user as ~/.ispeak4u. User can add a category by simply creating a folder and give the folder, the category name. Number it accordingly. User can add any .jpg or .png files, of any size to the category folder in Images and add corresponding sound files in category folder inside Music folder. Features User can personalise the pictures and sound files Drag and drop the images in what ever order Can change the order after selecting pictures Technology used: It is a Qt based application. Requirement: Python-qt4 & its dependencies Link:
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