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  • Great tool. Less configurable than Samurie but more sutable. I feel sad it is not developing for so long and more sad that sources are corrupted. I plan to make my own open source analog and publish it here. Subscribe for me.

  • I love info bar.. it gives great info one whats going on on your PC .. I was wondering if you can update the weather module ( one of my favs) seems the weather channel changed there URL for feed.. would really like it working again.. Thank you again for a wonderful add on.

  • Better than WinBar. I used StatBar for many years but it app doesn't work on 64 bit so i had to look for something else. InfoBar is better than the rest. Would be nice to have a few white background options though for easier viewing. Excellent program though.

  • Still the best toolbar I ever tried (and I`ve tried everything). Its small, powerfull, usefull extensions and has a slick design. Sadly the usability and stability (of some extensions) are not perfect, constantly uses 1-2% CPU (in my case), and the project is inactive. But Windows ist just so much worse without the InfoBar.

  • This is something I was looking for. Excellent functionallity. Have all the monitoring tools that I wanted. Although I would like to see some skin Win2K like. I work on Win7 and personally does not like all that candy things (I prefer to have everything minimized). Also noticed that the font is a bit to blur. Would be good to see some non-antialiased fonts. Weather Conditions plugin returns error: Invalid License. I personally recommend that software.

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  • infobar, easy to use

  • Finally got a replacement for non-working Statbar. Thanks a million! Would be more than happy to have an option to have HDD's letters clickable - click to open drive's contents.

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  • This is a great app! Using Windows without it is like driving a car that doesn't have a dashboard!!! I am a longtime user of Statbar, but its been abandoned a while ago and no longer works well with current Windows 64-bit systems. InfoBar has been improving over time and looks to be getting even better. I'm not a developer, but I have coded in the past, and would be willing to help out any way that I can to make this better!!! Mike

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  • Tried it on Windows 7 64 bit version, works well! (First impression after 1 hour of usage).

  • I love this app. It is the first thing I install on all of my Windows PC's. I keep it docked at the bottom of the screen above the taskbar, and it looks like it's part of Windows itself. I very much hope that someone takes on this project and continues the development.

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  • ON THE PLUS SIDE: InfoBar is a SMALL toolbar app (only 30 pixels tall with a 32bit resolution) that docks at either the top or bottom of the computer monitor or is free docking. Even though it is small & unobtrusive, it remains the most used app I have on my computer, period! I tell everyone who has Win7 about this program - it makes up for Win7's multiple start menu shortcomings. I use a large variety of programs in a months' time and I can put a 'one-click' shortcut to everything I use. When you 'mouse-over', it gives the name of the app in case you forget what icon you're looking at. Plus, it keeps me informed of my computers' Uptime, Memory Usage, CPU Usage (all 6 cores), and Internet Connection Speed. You can also create shortcut links to Folders, and URL Addresses. At this moment, I have 19 (nineteen) program shortcuts loaded on InfoBar. Some of them I only use 3 or 4 times a year, but I don't have to search the start menu to find them. It's Great! Whether it is everyday programs or a program that you rarely use, it's only one click away - without leaving whatever window you're in and with a 30 pixel height, it's not in the way, but it does have an 'Auto-Hide' and 'Minimize' feature. ON THE NEGITIVE SIDE: InfoBar is starting to get outdated and the 'Edit Shortcut' has never worked, nor can you rearrange the shortcuts as you can in Stat Bar (See Below). 'mouse-over' can be cryptic at times, as it uses the actual executable name. For example, Stomp CD Lightscribe label burning program shows up as "STCD". After installing InfoBar without the 'Auto-Hide' feature enabled, some applications will open with their Title Bar underneath InfoBar. When that happens, you need to minimize InfoBar, move the window down and restore InfoBar. Then that program never opens that window underneath InfoBar again... It's a 'First-Use' thing and is not InfoBar's fault. PLEASE NOTE: InfoBar does not function correctly in Windows Vista or XP. For those two OS's you need Stat Bar: . I found InfoBar as a replacement for Stat Bar when I moved to Win7. Both are brilliant programs worth paying for.

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