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  • Easy to use. Encode my videos to mp4 or mkv with HEVC x265 which usually means 20-50% file size decrease while i can not recognize video quality change. SW is crashing sometimes (Net framework error), but i treat it as minor issue. Overal great SW and very helppfull.

  • I was pleasantly surprised, it looks very good

  • Internet Friendly Media Encoder v6.1 has some issues that need to be fixed. It happens sometimes. When a video has started encoding on IFME, the software shows that it is encoding the video. After a long wait, the encoding is finished and I check the output folder but there's nothing there!! I checked if the file got hidden somehow but still nothing. This problem doesn't occur with warning. So there's no gurantee that my 6-16 hours of encoding will have a result in the end. Like I said, this bug doesn't show always but sometimes. So a user can't encode a large video with this uncertainty. I hope you will look at this bug and fix it 'cause this bug really needs fixing.

  • Extremely easy to use & output files are excellent.

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  • Very easy to use and good output quality

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  • i cant give much in the way of detail here, but i can say that once you have this program set up, which takes just a few clicks, it works a treat! i had tried a few other programs trying to get a successful conversion done but all failed, usually with some sync problems. this little beauty has never let me down. i hope the developer(s) continue and improve it if they find something that needs it. the one downside i found and it was with the last 2 updated versions was that you need to re-input whatever settings you had as they were overwritten back to defaults. my advice is, once you find settings that work for you, take some screen dumps ready for the next update!

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