This is Surena karimpour (sudo_halt )'s distribution of Hydra IRC.

To use this application under Unix and/or Unix-like operating systems; use the WINE layer.
(bugs submitted on WINE will be addressed)

Make sure to check out HydraIRC on Github aswell! Main development is done on Github; but blogs mailing lists and few other things are on SourceForge now.


HydraIRC is an IRC client for windows. HydraIRC is released under GNU GPL v3 license. See license.txt for details.

Reporting bugs

Please use the issue tracker to report bugs.


To contribute to this distribution; open tickets, help with the docs or open feature requests!
As always; code contributions are most-welcome.

Project Status

The project has been dormant from around 2009 to 2014, by moving the code to github and changing the license to GPL3
it is hoped that people will contribute to the project.


  • Themes and Color schemes for your viewig pleasure
  • MDI interface; for hardcore chatting in many different places
  • Many a tools for IRC veterans
  • Being yourself is boring. Get yourself a ton of identities and switch as you please
  • Automate'em'all! Make on-join scripts to automate regular tasks (like login?)
  • Advanced events and notifications
  • And all in all many different gadgets you wouldn't think you ever needed in an IRC client but it is implemented ANYWAYS
  • Lightweight. Uses no RAM at all; When tested at its absolute breaking point 15.6 MB of RAM usage was recorded by VS

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