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  • Very Strong Engine. It can take Komodo 8 and Stockfish 5 and beat Houdini 4 Pro easily.

  • Very strong engine.

  • Not very commented but very neat code!!!

  • Strong chess player

  • strong and simple chess engine.

  • I have been doing engine matches between Gull 2.3 and Komodo 32 3 32bit. In one game Gull lost a drawn game on move 112 by advancing a pawn. If anyone wants a copy of the 194 move game, please let me know. Hope this will help the development..

  • Hello, Excellent UCI chess engine, able to compute in SMP mode. Better than previuous version (2.0), I'm already tested, but I'm waiting for the CCRL update. Has few UCI options for tuning, but the essential is inside. Being someone specialized in the theory of games (researcher PhD in mathematics and applied computer science), I have few idea how to augment the ELO. I will contact soon the team ( in MP) for this. I hope to may start collaboration work. The public channels are too "sensitive" today. An UCI Limith Strength would be fine (see the SlowChess 2.960 engine, which uses an accurante fixed depth limit) for chess learning. Playing against or after tournments with other engines, it seems that the engine herited a "personal style" of play (all Ippolit engines have it), unlike Houdini which plays so often a very unhuman attacks. So this engine is a free tool for learning chess (if able to low the strength), given that playing against too strong engine put you under deffensive and this is very bad for practice a semi-aggressive play (necessary condition in chess). Thanks all the team for this engine. You must continue, ths "god" Houdini can be defeated. Best regards from France !

  • This is a pretty strong engine and is only under 6000 lines! This is the smallest engine with This strength Im måling a tournament This is on number 1 , having Won against stockfish I reccomend This program

  • nice start