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Tactics v 0.1.1 Description: Alpha/Beta - still in beta development Todo: -Tactics- music ambiance character centering/"freeing" player's names? pets npcs minimap speech bubbles localized chat (by pixel distance) globalized chat (global channel) seamless maps (18, 13) server max capacity (low/med/high on server list?) put DB errors in a log on the server - (file or DB?) clean up server-side code make server options more accessable Add a way to give specific databases admin priviledges wihout changing user to an admin right-click menu needs to change based on what the user right-clicked on option to wait x milliseconds before playing song option to wait entire song length (non-streaming) before playing song volume control audio buffer detection? sound quality option? fade-in, fade-out effect for sound load bar register button -Mods- kick, ban characters kick, ban accounts change character DB Cannot change mods/admins Cannot make player to mod Cannot make mod to admin Cannot make admin to mod Cannot make mod to player -Admins- change all DBs Can change mods/admins Can make player to mod Can make mod to admin Can make admin to mod (exception: account ID 1) Can make mod to player -Small Map Designer- rollovers, npcs game objects -Bugs- Users and Moderators cannot get server list (possible fix: Server list still uses url_decrypt) Sounds do not stop when the option is turned off (possible bug) language filter needs to constantly update mask DB errors to the end-user with more friendly messages (security risk) music should fade in and out - music needs to be a wider range than just one map - 10x10? errors and messages do not show html text buttons do not have black background force server "offline" mode - in DB? Server-side options? -Map Designer- register button -Bugs- Tooltips were needed after all. Whoops! You can click on warp tiles in different maps
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