GRF Foundation
Investing in America through It’s People
The mission of GRF Foundation is to give back to the American People through:
 Educational Grants and Awards
 Providing seed monies to small business Entrepreneurs
 Rebuilding lives through Green Housing
 Transportation Grants for sick children to medical facilities

Educational Grants and Awards

The mind is a valuable asset to unlocking the potential of every American and improving America’s overall intellectual strength, ability to successfully meet the challenges of the 21st Century, and ensure each American’s financial future.

Report Card Awards A = $100 B = $50 C = $25 (2nd through 12th Grade only)
High School Diploma $ 5,000 Maximum
Associate of Arts Degree $10,000 Maximum or 2 years of Educational Cost Advance
Technical Cert/Degree $15,000 Maximum or 2 years of Educational Cost Advance
Bachelor’s Degree $25,000 Maximum or 4 years of Educational Cost Advance
Master’s D

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User Reviews

  • Good Morning, My name is Glenn Favre and I have, with the assistance of my partner, (anonymity would be best), assisted those who are responsible for ensuring our economy and that of the future economic solvency is sound and prosperous, solve the riddle of the Maddox scheme similar to that of the Ponzi scheme of the 1800’s. I have found out though that the ones responsible for ensuring our economy and that of the future economic solvency is sound and prosperous, were in fact the ones who were perpetrating the elaborate hoax. Uncovering the perpetrators requires knowledge of the lending process and the documents, which are required to fund mortgage loans. In February of 2008, I (we) reported mortgage fraud to the FBI. I had originally thought that I (we), had been victims in part of a “Builder Bailout Scam” . We thought at the time the builder of our investment properties in Tampa Florida was singularly responsible for our predicament. I (we) have discovered that it was in fact that of the Banking and Finance group, (AIG, Bear and Stern, Goldman Sachs, SunTrust Mortgage, Inc., SunTrust Bank, Inc., Fidelity National Financial Group, Inc.), the regulators and that of the Judicial Branch of our government , were responsible for that were taking private citizens primary residences and converting the debt owed to the banks on their mortgages and placing them on the futures market, being Hedged, like they do with corn or oil. The problem with doing this is that the CDO and CMO, were insured under a UCC Plus insurance policy, not guaranteeing the homeowner’s right in the loan, i.e. “homeowner’s policy”, but the lender and the hedge fund group of the CFTC with a thirty-day liquidity of the assets or foreclosure of the property. The process just described are not disclosed to the public and no one, not even the regulators, OCC, FRB, SEC knew to what extent the damages were After five years of coping with this, now severely suffering from FPTSD, we are at the end of this long and horrific, nonsensical experience and that of the economic experiment to see if in fact the public knew what the lack of the Patriot Act Form not being utilized in funding would do or the effects. Recently in my investigation Most everyone that I have spoken with about this type of issue had no Idea that the Regulators, the Lawyers that would be greatly affected by my efforts, economically, the Judicial Branch, Congress or even the general public had no idea when asked what a new purchase money loan is, or even had any clue as to the affects of not following the requirements of TILA, REG Z, RESPA meant to them or even what a credit default swap is. was had no idea as to most of the most important. I have had to find out what it meant to learn these questions. My beliefs in truth, honest, and pride in my convictions to be forced into filing for protection under a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Being forced to deal with the litigious circumstance that I have been placed into, because those who were retained and licensed in the State of Georgia to practice law, failed in their responsibility to ensure the economic stability of our future and ensure that I would not be forced into an involuntary Chapter 7. (side note, WHY IS IT THAT ONLY DOCTORS AND LAWYERS GET TO PRACTICE THEIR TRADE, AND BE PAID FOR PRACTICING THEIR TRADE WHEN EVERYONE ELSE OUT OF COLLEGE OR IN LIFE MUST KNOW THEIR CHOSEN OCCUPATION AS A PRE-REQUISIT TO BE EMPLOYEED. / Having Attention Deficit Disorder and have worn many different hats of many different occupations, ranging from Pastry Chef, Contractor, Pilot, Business Owner and pro se litigant (empowered to ensure that efforts would not fall short,) and now philanthropist. I remember when I was an Intern learning to bake, baking being an exact science to ensure that you get the moistest, flakiest, and tantalizing desert that will finalize the most wonderful evening you have had. Laughter with friends or you someone special; that to make biscuits you must first learn and know that process, If you don’t know the process you don’t get biscuits. I was forced into learning the process on how to make biscuits. In the learning curve. I have suffered a tremendous economic loss, in that I was forced into an involuntary Chapter 7, lost my business, health insurance along with my friends and family have turned their backs on me, because of my efforts to do the right thing. When I asked for help, although sweeping legislation in 2009, under the Omnibus Act, changed more legislation by acts of the President, to amend Fraud Enforcement Recovery Act (FERA), and the False Claims Act (FCA), which has not been altered since 1836 when it was first drafted. The implementations of new legislation allowed the Federal Government and that of the Federal Regulators to be able to audit the State Charter Banks. With all of our efforts in assisting the Federal Government, I find myself having to pro se litigate my appeal and that of my Limited Liability Company, Top to Bottom Renovations, LLC., due to the lack of competent, legal representation by the attorneys, retained for the sole purpose of ensuring that I (we) would not have had to file bankruptcy, in turn placing an undue hardship on ourselves, but more importantly, that of our society, economy, and the Federal System unnecessarily due to civil contract torts laws. Under that of Georgia Law, states that an attorney does not have to disclose to his clients of the potential conflict of interest, if that attorney in a different capacity has dealings with the entity or even the matter or reason one would be seeking to retain the services to litigate or settle the civil contract torte theft. The point I am trying to make is that through all of this I will be awarded compensation for the crimes against me and for the violations of my Civil Rights, I am going to utilize the restitution and compensation to form a new corporation in a two fold capacity. Both of the capacities will have 100% to do with the future of our economy, nation and that of every child that lives with in ourselves and those who have not lost there belief in Peter Pan or Santa Clause. GRF Planes, being a two fold Dream; one is to manufacture radio-controlled aircrafts manufactured by American Made workers and of American products, quality products; we all know how rough we can be on our toys. We will be making monumental changes for the new future, where Transparency, Honesty, belief in family and friends, ownership and pride in those that work together are empowered to take ownership and pride in their environment and their company. The second fold of GRF Planes will be to form a foundation that is 100% not for profit organization that will support, the children that can not afford the transportation that is crucially needed to transport them to the best hospitals that will cue their aliment. GRF Planes will purchase the newest and most reliable aircrafts' to ensure that the safety of the patient, the comfort of the patient’s family members will be traveling with them. I, Glenn R Favre will guarantee and plan on, with the proceeds that will be coming from the settlement of the adversarial proceedings in the United States Bankruptcy Court of Northern Georgia. With the formation of GRF Planes and that of GRF Foundation, the reinvestment of this money will strengthen the economy and lower the unemployment rate, by with our efforts by 1% overall. We are going to be a green company form the onset, utilization of eco-safe products, recyclable product that would not other wise be able to be utilized. Special emphases will be given to ensure that families and the members the work with us, not for us will have the support form me, GRF Planes and the foundation, to ensure that what is currently missing from our Country would be there, i.e. wondering how one will pay for their families needs, making a decision on weather or not to get prescriptions medication or buying groceries. To ensuring that they have health care insurance will not be part of their routine lives as they have been for so long for me, even if I have to establish a company sponsored Insurance plan that would be paid by the company to ensure that when those who are working with us can be ensured that they will not have to worry about vital needs when health and economical setbacks, will be able to concentrate on the most important part of why GRF Planes is being established. “Remember the child in all of us, if we forget how to play, we can not fly”

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