IO statistics, individual filesystem usage and per-core CPU metrics. This tarball also provides a demonstration of how to build your own modules as an independent package outside the Ganglia source tree.

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  • Ganglia is a great tool for Linux monitoring. Unfortunately, many IT departments are moving to Windows systems. People who work in mixed environments or pure Windows environment have no way of using Ganglia services. Recommendations to use Cygwin 1.5 given in official Ganglia documentation or some other tricks that one could find on the Internet simply do not work. Whoever made those recommendations should try them himself, first. Authors of Ganglia would do IT community a great favor if they would invest a few hours of their time and adjust Ganglia's configurations scripts so that they could run on Windows servers and other Windows Operating Systems. If for no other reason than because 80% of desktops run on Windows and 35%-40% of servers run one of Windows operating systems. Given higher quality of Microsoft products compared to whatever Linux vendors patch from Open Source community postings that percentage will only rise.

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