GMLib (Google Maps Library) are components that encapsulate the GoogleMaps API to administrate a map, markers, polygons, rectangles, polylines,.... All objects that you can put into a map. Actual components

- TGMMap: component to use the Google Maps map
- TGMMarker: component to show markers
- TGMInfoWindow: component to show a balloon with information
- TGMPolyline: component to show polylines
- TGMPolygon: component to show polygons
- TGMRectangle: component to show rectangles
- TGMCircle: component to show circles
- TGMGeoCode: component to geocoding
- TGMDirection: component to get routes
- TGMElevation: component to calc elevations
- TGMGroundOverlay: component to show images

Compiled in:
- Delphi 6, 7, 2007, 2009
- RAD Studio 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4

Compatible for VCL and FMX.

For more information visit my blog at (es) (en)

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User Reviews

  • I've only played with the mega demo for a short time but the bits I have seen look great!!! Directions between points, information on those points. polygons, polylines are nice extras. Looks amazing with tons of cool features! WELL DONE and THANKS!

  • amazing project

  • Cool, feature-rich, up-to-date, stable package. * A full set of components to support the latest Google Maps API. * Do everything you can do in GM web interface inside your Delphi / C++Builder applications. * Powerful events to suit the most fastidious needs. * Geocoding support to locate and retrive addresses. * Support for drawing areas and figures on the map. * Support for markers (adding / deleting / customizing). * Works through a standard TWebBrowser, which gives it additional flexibility and allows for tracking the browser's events apart from TGMMap's. Highly recommended!

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French, Dutch, English, Portuguese, Danish, Spanish, Russian

Intended Audience


User Interface

Win32 (MS Windows)

Programming Language

C++, Delphi/Kylix