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  • Ideal to examine gif-s step by step

  • Exactly what I need !

  • Fantastic! Works well. Works in win10, you can change the gif size, you can change the speed. A small neat tool

  • thx this works perfect

  • Thanks. I was expecting it could create animated GIFs? The tools I have are so old and Win 3.1-ish.

  • Works well enough on Windows 10. An update to address loading times would be appreciated.

  • Exactly what I needed. Love the progress bar that shows which frame is playing. Works tons better than MediaPlayer or other options for playing gifs frame by frame.

  • Pretty strightforward and works out of the box on Win7 and Win8/8.1

  • Reproduce a la perfección el GIF de prueba más extenso que tengo.

  • It does it's job, but no response yet on a bug I reported several months ago. It's a minor bug though, so no worries. :)

  • What it does is it opens the .JIF file in Edge Browser rather than in its on program, like the old windows photo viewer use to do in W7, so that leaves very little room to do other things with it.

  • Nice simple program to fill the void left by the default Windows picture viewer. It would be nice to add a setting to disable UseMinFrameInterval ("Use min ms" checkbox) on load because I prefer viewing GIFs at their intended speed. The .gif association on first run also threw an app error when I didn't run it as Administrator.

  • Works perfectly. Lightweight, fast, with a simple and intuitive interface that doesn't sacrifice the extensive featureset that it has. Only thing missing is having the program listed in start menu searches.

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  • Stops working when started (Win 7 64bit). I bet it's a decent piece of software, if only it worked.

  • Very good little piece of software. I use it as a default on my Windows 8.1 installations, because the Windows integrated viewer doesn't support GIF animations. Since v1.6.3, it is now possible to allow just one instance of GIF Viewer, which is perfect! so, if I double-click on a new .gif file, the same instance is used to display the new file. Since v1.6.4, it is now possible to use the arrow keys to load the next / preceding .gif file in the same folder. Since v1.6.5, with the "Allow multiple instances" mode disabled, the application now stays on foreground (stays on top of all windows of the desktop) when we launch a new .gif file (same behavior than the Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 8.1). Before that we had to click on the task bar to make GIF Viewer show.

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  • Worked exactly as described, did exactly what i needed it to.

  • EDIT2: 1.4.7 worked! But, for some reason, the file plays at a slow rate. The visual isn't fluid. It's quite "jerky"? Changing the input in the field on the right corner doesn't make a difference. EDIT: I tied out v.1.4.5 after receiving a recommendation by email. "Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object." Same error message for different gif files. PREVIOUS text: I went through the tedious process of registering just so I could post this review. I got this app amoung many others on my win7 system. This was the only one that worked like a charm. The gifs could even be expanded in size unlike in other apps where the gif size remains static. Unfortunately this viewer does not work on win8 :( really sad. Had to settle with one of the lesser wares instead. I'm sorry but this means (-1) on the perfect score. PS: sourceforge, can't you guys let facebook/google+ users post comments rather than have us register here specifically?

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  • Light Weight Nice Simple to Use Loads well..Keep updating adding more features to it

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  • It was actually developed under Windows 7. So yes, it runs under Windows 7