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D_Tools 2016-07-19
C_Template 2016-03-25
DBinfoCode 2014-06-01
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A_SimpleSample : Projects with sample code to show how something works in Gambas, - eg how to Log to txt file, howto read database structure (and print), how to use Settings, Combobox, Object B_SimpleDemo : Demo Applications, app to demonstrate a concept or really working small app - eg. Mail, Product selection and Barcode, C_Template : Almost empty Gambas project to start project of a certain type, eg. database. - eg EmptyProject, EmptyDBProject. D_Tools : Tools for work in Gambas, like code generator for database table access - eg DBinfoCode DBinfoCode : Small application to make gambas source code from database structure--> D_Tools Z_GarlicCompilation : sometimes compilation of all files in working state to download and extract. - (looking for best place to publish this update)
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